Thursday, 31 December 2009

Is It A Guinea Pig?

Photos copyright: Maggie May

This thing arrived in a little box the other week. What ever is it? A guinea pig perhaps? A new little member of the family?

No....... it is my new wig! I went to the orthotics department in the hospital for a fitting and was surprised to be taken to a tiny room lined with hundreds of little boxes. I knew I was going to be flummoxed about what to choose, so I took my longstanding friend with me who just happens to be a hairdresser.
I had thought of myself as grey and asked to see a wig in that colour. I tried on a light grey one with thick curls. What a mess....... I looked twenty years older. I was told by the very kind lady, called Audrey, who was in charge, that my hair was really quite dark with light grey smatterings on top. Funny how we don't realise what we look like to other people.
It was suggested that I try on a chestnut thick haired, short, wavy wig. Well I felt a bit like mutton dressed as lamb. Definitely not me. I tried a thick, wavy, short wig that was half grey and half brunette. I don't mean that the top half was one colour and the bottom was something else. No I mean that the brown was interspersed with grey. Although my friend and Audrey both inferred that this was me........ I was not impressed and thought, "If I have to take this wig, I will never wear it."
I then asked to see some that would quite obviously be unsuitable for me. Maybe that would persuade me to like one of the others. A really wild brown one was then passed over for me to try. It made me look as though I had been pulled through a hedge backwards and I knew if I took this one, I would be forever feeling that I needed a trim as it was really untidy and stuck out everywhere.
I was now feeling really despondent and guessed that I would never wear a wig, ever. Until Audrey produced this one. The wrong colour and in a style that I hadn't thought of.
Putting it on, I guessed it would be more suitable for a very young person. Then voila....... Audrey said my face lifted. She knew it was meant for me. I looked at my friend, thinking she would say, "Ridiculous." However, she really liked it.
I had always wanted thick curls and had always been lumbered with fine straight hair. Well best to stick to what I am used to and I felt straight was more me.

When I got home, I put the wig on and the oldest grandchild didn't notice, however the youngest one broke out into a smile, but said nothing. Husband said, "Oh that's nice" and son said, "I was expecting you to get something outrageous but I see you didn't."
Well this colour is outrageous for me........
Now I have to find the nerve to wear it. I think I will save it for best. In any case, I will wait for the natural hair to fall out as the wig will grip better, I was informed.

This post was put in draft before chemotherapy. I know that my hair will fall out anytime now.
I am wearing scarves because I don't want it to happen in public!
A few days ago my brother, Eddie and Maria his wife came to see me and asked to see the wig. I put it on for the duration of the time they were here. Maria seemed to really like it. However, my daughter said she liked me better with a scarf. I don't feel particularly confident in the wig. We shall have to see.....

Happy New Year Everyone!


jinksy said...

That looks like a great colour - it's one that is nearly always flattering to anyone with slightly darker natural colour, but going grey.A wid's a good way to keep out winter chills, in this weather too!

jinksy said...

Sheesh - what's a wid? My typing is still crap, even after all the practice I've had this year!
Please read as 'wig'!!!

Mickle in NZ said...

Maybe wear the wig with a scarf over the top? From what dear sister has said about the temps over there you may need both with a woolley hat over the lot to keep warm. They'd been sleeping with three of Mum's quilt's on top of the bed clothes!

The wig is a very good colour for you plus you get to try curls.

Much care and love from me and a very purry cat,

Michelle and Zebby, xxxx and purrrr (much repeated)

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

I'm sure you will settle with that which you will feel most comfortable....wig, scarf, and there are so many scarves patterns' and colours, you may find great hat..or you may feel comfortable with one type for home one for outdoors or different are now prepared...very clever of you to have things ready...let us know what you choose....
saz x

RNSANE said...

My dear Maggie, I am so sorry you have to go through all this but you are've got the wig and I think you should have yourself an assortment of other doo dads and wear whatever you like.

Are you feeling okay with the chemo? Not too sick?

Blessing to you in the New Year. I hope the chemo knocks out this damn cancer and your are free of it forever.

Brian Miller said...

maggie may...i wish for you a magical new year filled with wonderful miracles...

cheshire wife said...

I knew straight away what it was. Whether you wear it or not you will still be you.

A Happy New Year to you.

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Wishing you all the very best for 2010 Maggie! You'll look good in everything. I know it! Very best wishes, Hadriana xx

Akelamalu said...

I would be wearing it before I lost my hair - let everyone get used to it then you won't feel at all self conscious. Hope you're feeling OK m'dear.

Just in case I don't get by tomorrow I wanted to wish you A HAPPY and more importantly a HEALTHY NEW YEAR! I'm still sending Reiki. x

Eddie Bluelights said...

And it looks very convincing as well, Maggie - it really suits you with the various highlights. No-one would know it is a wig but take care on a very windy day walking along cliff tops!! ~ Eddie x

Ayak said...

It's a really nice colour Maggie and looks very real. I also think scarves look good too, and there are so many different ways to wear them. I'm sure you will settle for whichever makes you feel most comfortable.

Hoping you have a good New Year's Eve and as always wishing you all the best for 2010 xxx

Sniffles and Smiles said...

I guessed immediately, Maggie...And you are right. You'll probably feel most comfy wearing it for special occasions...I only wore mine for church...they are pretty itchy ...soft caps and scarves are so much more comfy...And don't worry about your hair coming out in simply sheds...(makes a mess everywhere...ugh!!) and if you don't tug at it, it won't come out in clumps...that can't be avoided, of course, when washing or brushing...but you won't be doing that in public, I'm sure ;-)

Anyway, it's an absolutely lovely wig...And that's great that you got to try it on beforehand...I had to order from a catalog...and so I ended up buying two as I hated the first one once it arrived...

The thing I hated most was losing my eyelashes and eyebrows...but for that you can get a good brow pencil...or brush...and lightly use it,if you like, and it helps lift the face as well...Oh, listen to me, aren't I bossy?? So sorry!!!! Forgive me.

Love you so much...just wish I could wave a magic wand and make all this disappear!!! You are continually in my thoughts, dear Maggie...Praying for miracles in 2010!!! Love, Janine XO

Sam said...

Hi Mum - may I be the first to wish you a very Happy New Year! And unless you have readers east of Japan I am confident that I am the first!

There's a song for you at my place

The Mighty Sam x

Mary G said...

I think that you should wear whatever makes you feel confident - and I just know you will look smashing in it.
Best wishes for a healthy 2010.

Teacher's Pet said...

I smiled as I saw the 'guinea pig' and read your comments about it being a 'new little member of the family'. Your sense of humor brought a smile to me this morning, my friend. Your wig is lovely, to me.
Whatever you wear, you will wear with a smile, and that is the loveliest part of Maggie....the smile, the love, the hope shining through. Much love to you, my friend.

Hilary said...

Maggie anyone who has come to know you will see the beautiful person underneath that wig, scarf or cap. I'm certain you'll look great no matter what you choose. Just take good care of yourself and know that you always look lovely to us.

Suldog said...

Maggie, it's a wonderful looking wig. I'm sure you'll look dandy in it.

Hey, take it from someone who lost most of his hair years ago - starting 30 years ago, as a matter of fact - it's not all that horrible. Saves a whole bunch of time in the shower!

Mine is forever gone, but you can look forward to yours returning after the treatments! A blessing, that is.

Love for the new year!

aims said...

Ahhh - Mickle got to it before I did. I was thinking scarf and wig together. That is a common sight here.

You could wear your scarf pirate style or like a babooshka. Just writing that makes me think of my Hungarian grandmother.

Hope this time around the chemo doesn't make you feel quite as horrible.

Thinking of you.

aims said...

btw - I should have told you that my aunt had about 6 different wigs - and she didn't need to have any! But she liked to change her hairstyle and colour on any given day - so they sat around waiting to be chosen and worn.

Once you get used to that one perhaps you'll go for curls or something all sticky outy.


Bernie said...

Maggie, I had 3 wigs and did wear them in the beginning as well as scarves and bandanas....then I said the heck with it and went bald. Your chemo must be different that mine as my hair fell out within a few days of my first chemo.....Wear what you feel like Maggie, as long as you are comfortable is what counts. I always wore my make up though but funny enough the hair loss didn't bother me after the initial shock of losing well my friend I was so happy to receive your e-mail via Janine. Just knowing how you are doing means so much to me. You and Harry are always in my heart and prayers.....:-) Hugs

imbeingheldhostage said...

I think it's a gorgeous colour! My cousin (17 at the time) didn't wear a scarf or a wig, she chose to paint on (or tattoo) butterflies-- it was gorgeous.
Hoping you begin this New Year with strength and happiness, Maggie. Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maggie,
I hope the chemo. is not making you feel too sick. You have been on my mind and in my heart, as you go through the treatment process.

I think you should wear what makes you feel comfortable. If you wore the wig more, maybe you would feel more comfortable in it, and your family would get use to it too. It really looks beautiful from the pictures, a great color!

If the scarf makes you feel better, stick with that.

Or mix them up. I guess the bottom line is you have to do what makes you feel comfortable. If you wear a wig or a scarf, your still you, that wonderful, beautiful, kind person underneath.


david mcmahon said...

Not everyone gets to choose their tresses, Miss Maggie!

Channelling you strength, fortitude, love, support - in spades.

May 2010 bring you nothing but good news.

St Jude said...

Happy New Year hun, wig or no wig you are lovely. It's all about comfort and you do whatever makes you feel comfortable, you won't feel ok with the wig if you don't feel comfortable.

Lynne said...

So sorry you have all this to go through. I do hope that the new year brings improved health for you.

Suburbia said...

Happy New Year to you too x

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

It looks lovely but whatever you feel most comfortable with Maggie is sure to be the right decision. Keep sharing with us as long as you feel up to it, we are all wishing you well. A x

Rose said...

Maggie, I'm so glad to see you still have your sense of humor--I'm picturing you with a wig that makes you look as if you'd been "pulled through a hedge backward":) I think that description fits how I look when I wake up each morning:)

Not everyone loses their hair from chemo, but I think it's great that you are prepared. From the photos this looks like a beautiful color, and the positive responses from the ones who assisted you indicate you picked the right one. I think any drastic change in our appearance takes getting used to, and I'm sure you will get used to the wig very quickly. What's most important is to wear whatever makes YOU feel good about yourself---just don't wear a guinea pig on your head:)

Rose said...

Maggie, I just re-read my comment and thought I sounded rather flippant. I didn't mean to--I just got caught up in your own humorous and positive look at something that is very frightening. I wish you all the best in this New Year, but most of all, health and happiness.

Maggie May said...

Dear Rose..... never for a moment did I think you were flippant. Made me laugh at the thought of a guinea pig on my head! :-)

lakeviewer said...

Great wig. Time to have a bit of fun, like a bunch of beautiful hats, scarves, wigs and whatever else you want.

Hang in there; time cures everything.

Jeni said...

I was fortunate in that the chemo I received didn't cause hair loss although there were times when I know I thought I wish I had a wig cause I really didn't always feel up to working with my real hair. But anyway, I wanted to tell you about my dear, late aunt who in her 70s ended up getting a wig. She told me she really balked at the time about doing that and it did take her a while to get accustomed to it but once she adapted, she said then she'd not want to go without it! So who knows how you will actually respond to this change in your life once it all really comes about. You have it if you want it and can use it as you wish. No matter what choice you make, it is still going to take a modicum of adjustment to it but ya know, I do believe even that, you will handle it all quite well and much easier than you are thinking right now!
Happy new Year, Maggie! Just more of that positive thinking -keep it running -and you'll be a-okay!

Anonymous said...

It does actually look really nice but of course it's how you feel in it that matters most of all. You will always be Maggie May to me.

Love and best wishes, CJ xx

Mimi said...

Hi Maggie,
I read your post the day it was written,wrote a comment but didn't publish cos it didn't sound the way I wanted it to.
Still can't get the right vibe.
But I like the wig, and the title was so funny. You're some lady!

Iota said...

I got a wig on loan from the local cancer charity, but I never wore it. I stuck with hats - jolly caps in summer, and little wooly knitted ones (made of very thin yarn) in winter.

A medical bod said to me "everyone seems to find something that works well for them, and then they stick with that". I hope you find what works for you.

Wendy said...

What an experience! I do like that wig and think it would be wonderful to have that beautiful colour hair with curls to boot! I also have straight, fine hair and wish I would have been born with curly, thick hair. {{sigh!}} I think you made the right choice. Have fun with it. Spike it! Put pink and purple streaks through it (you can buy some that wash out).

I'm glad you have a sense of humour throughout this process. It's not fun, but at least you can joke about "guinea pigs" and make the best of things.

Carol said...

You know, Maggie...when I looked at those photos of the wigs....I didn't see hair. I saw you. Your soul. Who needs hair when you have a soul that shines through your words. My love and prayers to you, as always~



Babaloo said...

Hope you'll find something that's comfortable and that you like to see on yourself.
If you're looking for an alternative to the wig - look up They do great head scarf/cover up type thingies that are very funky. If you're feeling a bit more like making a statement. I've got about 6 of them, they also work brilliantly as scarves etc.