Friday, 21 May 2010

Carrion Crows v Blackbirds

Photos copyright: Maggie May

You will remember from my earlier post, *dicing with death,* that my neighbour had to postpone her tree pruning because the men who had started to cut back the branches found a black birds nest with fledglings in it. It is against the law in England to interfere with a wild birds nest (though I don't know who would ever be around to prosecute anyone for doing this.)

Well it appeared that the blackbird parents continued to feed the young as I saw them going backwards and forwards with beaks full of worms.
A few days later, there was a commotion going on in all the back gardens. I opened the window to investigate and saw carrion crows calling out loudly and flying around and distressed blackbird parents calling out in protest.
I can only assume their young have been eaten.
If I had have been more up together, I am sure that I could have taken pictures, but it is just as well I missed the actual killing.
Seems to have been a lot of hard work for the blackbirds to try to raise them, all for nothing and the tree lopping had to be postponed for nothing too.

Very shortly after all this, the blackbirds returned to my shrub. You can see in the above photo, just where it is located. They go in somewhere at the top nearest my neighbour's side with nesting material.
These blackbirds need a medal for perseverance, starting all over again to try and raise another family or maybe the natural drive they have to produce live young is very powerful. I really hope those carrion crows don't get the next brood because I feel like shooting them!

If you have been reading my posts regularly, you will know that I have been looking after the girls while their dad went to the south coast on a course that involved an exam. I was really looking forward to doing this. Unfortunately Granddad got very sick within a day of having them here and he was diagnosed with a bad chest infection. He was really ill so couldn't do anything that he normally did to help out.
Within a very short time I was feeling very achey and ill too, so I have had to tumble into bed as soon as the girls went to school and rest. I did go to the doctor to ask him what was going on with me. Difficult to know when you finish chemo, whether cancer is causing a problem or if it is a virus.
The doctor thought it was because my immune system has been stretched to the limits and is working extra hard after six chemo sessions.
Anyway, the girls have been extremely good considering they have never been parted from Sam for so long and they have told me that they like being here because they have a fun time.......
Just Sod's law that we had to get sick on the very days we needed to be well. Sam has to go away again in about a months time for more exams, so we will have another stab at it then.

Footnote: Since this post was published, my neighbour has been in touch with me and told me the adult blackbirds are still going back & forth to the nest in the Eucalyptus. The babies can be heard calling out.
I must have another pair in my garden.


Gone Back South said...

That was bad luck to get sick just as the girls arrived, sounds like they were very good though, and I'm sure next time you'll be in good form.
I didn't know crows would eat other birds - ugh! Poor blackbird babies.

Frau said...

I hope you and your hubby are feeling better soon. Sad story about the baby birds..! Have a wonderful weekend Maggie.

RNSANE said...

Isn't that the pits? So sad about the wee birds. And about you and your hubby getting sick, just when you have to be looking after the grandkids. Sounds like you all fared pretty well anyway!

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saz said...

l;m amazed how well you are managing the normality of life and are incredible woman!

love the loo seat, ot sure l would have chosen it...but it sure lifts the mood!!
take care, thinking of you for your next appt...
saz x

slommler said...

Aww.....those poor blackbirds!!! I would be tempted to shoot the crows too!
Sorry you and Sam where taken ill while the girls are here. That truly sucks!
Glad they were good!! That is a plus for sure.
Get better soon! Hugs to Sam

Twain12 said...

so sorry to hear you both got sick, that really is a bummer. Feel well soon.

Brian Miller said...

glad to hear they did well for you...sorry gdad got sick....yeah we get blackbirds all the time out back. keep the bb gun handy to give them a sting if they get too ornery...

Expat mum said...

"If I had been more up together" - what a great phrase!

Rose said...

We think of Mother Nature as being this gentle and beneficent creature, but in reality it's a hard world out there. I hope the blackbirds find a safer place for their nest this time.

So sorry to hear you and Harry have been ill. Your immune system is undoubtedly weaker than it was, making you more susceptible to viruses. I'm sure the girls enjoyed being with the two of you anyway.

Akelamalu said...

Oh the poor blackbirds! :0

We have a lot of blackbirds in our garden but unfortunately also a lot of magpies too. I just keep my fingers crossed that mother nature knows best.

Isn't it just the way that your health lets you down just when you need it most? Hope you're both feeling better soon and I'm sure your grandchildren enjoyed themselves regardless. :)

Eddie Bluelights said...

Shame about the poor blackbirds. Nature is so cruel isn't it? Yes get a gun and let the carrion crows have it with both barrels. Love Eddie

Bernie said...

Oh Maggie I hope you and Harry are feeling better. As long as the girls were made welcomed and loved they would enjoy being with you. I have no doubt you did both. Be well sweetie, enjoy your weekend and I feel really bad about the birds.......:-) Hugs

Mimi said...

Oh Maggie, sorry that you've both been unwell.I guess your body is telling you it's tired after all that chemo fight.
Shame about the birds- bloody crows! Nature is cruel sometimes.

p.s. My word verif is "exism"- guess that's what the crows did to the young birds.

Retiredandcrazy said...

I'm so sorry that you aren't feeling good Maggie and weren't able to really enjoy having the girls. All my best to you and Harry. I think of you both all the time.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, sorry to hear that you and Harry are not well!! I will pray for a speedy recovery for you both...But I am very glad that the girls have had such a wonderful time with you! Of course, I KNEW they would!!! You are a wonderful grandmum. So sorry about the sad...and disappointing. Thinking of you...with love, Janine XO

Marguerite said...

We had a crow's nest around for a while and they are not nice birds and so noisy, too. Hope that you and hubby are feeling much better, soon. Rest and take good care of yourself. Blessings, Marguerite

Anonymous said...

Maggie, please take care, your defences are low right now. Get better soon you two.

We have had a pair of blackbirds as regulars in our garden and this year they have raised three young.
Nasty crows had better stay away or JP will have 'em, probably ask me to cook 'em.

Nora said...

I hope you abd your husband will be feeling better soon, Maggie. What a shame that you both got sick just as you had the girls.

Those crows are awful birds! I'm real sorry to hear about the baby birds. It's a sad story.

Take good care of yourself.


Anonymous said...

That is so frustrating about the crows. It really is sad, and it so hard at times to let nature be. I would feel the same way you do about letting the shooting the crows, but I could never do it. Sad.

I'm so sorry to hear that you and your husband are not feeling well. Be sure to get all the rest you can and take care of yourself. The chemo can really tear your system down, as you well know. I'm be thinking about you and praying that you get your strength back.

Your grandkids sound so special. They sure adore their grandparents. How lucky they are to have such a special place to want to be and grandparents they want to be with.

I hope your weekend is a good one.

Dimple said...

We don't like it when life gets ugly, at least I don't. It's too bad about the baby birds, but good for the parents that they survived to make another nest.

MarmiteToasty said...

poor little blackbirds, a nasty carrion crow attack a lovely sweet pidgeon where my lad works and he ran out to try and save it but had to put it out of its misery in the end...... :(

sorry you are both poorly together especially with the girls around, wish I could come up and help ya..


Ayak said...

Those blackbirds really deserve a medal for perseverence. Nature can be so cruel sometimes.
So sorry you and Harry have been unwell. Hoping you both feel much better soon.
Love Linda x