Sunday, 20 April 2008

The Garden Centre.

This was the post that was supposed to go in just before the bad news! It is about a trip we did in the holiday!

When it comes to entertaining children and taking them out for a few hours, many things are expensive. However we decided to go to a local garden centre as I had a few vouchers to spend from a Christmas present. It was a sunny day, though rather cold but we packed sandwiches & took drinks. We looked all round the plants and indoor store where there was a little pet corner and a fish house. The children thought it was a bit like going to the zoo and they were happy enough looking at these things and then running about up and down the walkways outside.

When they were hungry the girls found a lovely double seat on chains that swung back and forth and they had their sandwiches there while swinging. Sam and I sat on a bench nearby and started on ours. While we were eating a robin came very close to us. "Quick take a picture!" they all said. By the time I put my sandwiches down & fumbled in my bag for the camera, the robin shot off out of range and went into a green house. I thought I might catch it later and sure enough the cheeky rascal came for crumbs right next to our feet, but every time I pointed the camera at the bird, he flew away. This happened many times and I never did get a photo of it.

It did occur to me how naughty we were taking our own food and drink, when the cafeteria was open and selling the same things, but "beggars can't be choosers" as we keep telling the children when they ask for lots of things. Besides they really liked the picnic and nobody challenged us.
The pots did look lovely but I didn't think my tiny garden could possibly take another one, so I bought another small ornament for another little niche. My garden really is so small and it really made me smile when I thought of my recent post on a Tag, when I popped a picture from a local park on the post to brighten it up and several people said they thought my garden looked nice! In reality, it would have been swallowed up several times in that picture of the grass & trees!

On the way out, I treated the girls to a pretty butterfly each (fridge magnets) that they have stuck on many different sites, but never the fridge! They seemed very satisfied with their trip to the garden centre and Sam & I enjoyed it too.


Anonymous said...

I love garden centres! They are such interesting places. Most of them now have branched out into gifts and restaurants etc and it's almost a day out. We have a fabulous one about half an hour from here, rather expensive but a pleasure to walk round and they have a miniature park for the kids.

Crystal xx

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

I like goin to garden centres. There ar always lots ov littol trees in pots for a wee Bear to hav a poo in. VERY conveenient. Also, if we go to a big wun, there will be cups ov tea an maybe sum cayke as well!

Mummy plarntid sum flowers today, calld campanula (I think) sum wer wite an sum wer perpol. But it's raynin hard now so we think they mite get skwished.

Me an Dilly hav startid our sunflower race! Come an see the ferst video!


MarmiteToasty said...

We have some great garden centres around here, where one can have a trip out and it costs nuffin to look, and they have animals etc.... I will admit though we do (thats me and me maties) often have a cuppa tea and a slice of cake in the eating place :)

Love the photo of the pots....


Maggie May said...

B.T. Bear ....... Well with you pooing in it corse they'll get skwished! Haven't you got a nappy!
Will be over shortly.

Marmitetoasty...... It's so good to see you back! Glad you liked the pots. I got a bear here pooing in them! Whatever next!

Maggie May said...

crystal.......... nearly missed you out! Sorry ...... I think its good to just walk around . Get lots of ideas that way!

Suburbia said...

Oh you bad girl I really did think that was your garden!
I have seen those lovely bright pot at our garden center and would love some but not sure they would 'go' with the rest.
We take picnics out often. It's cheaper but more fun too (unless it's raining)

Mean Mom said...

We used to take our lads to a garden centre not far away where they sold spiders, lizards and snakes as well as all of the usual stuff. It was great for the lads to look at, particularly in winter. Don't really agree with those sort of things as pets, though and I don't think they're as popular, now, fortunately.

merry weather said...

I like the look of those pots! So bright and cheerful. Trouble is, things like that never seem to look quite so good back at home for me. They work better en masse sometimes I think.

Very sorry to hear of your bad family news Maggie.

david mcmahon said...

Lovely shot of the pots - I enjoy gardening and my kids and I have always enjoyed our time in nurseries and assorted garden centres!

Enjoyed your advice about the ice photos!

Carolyn said...

Sounds like a lovely day. Now if it would just stop snowing around here, then maybe we could get out in the garden!

Grit said...

visit to garden centre! i am training myself to leave the purse at home.

Flowerpot said...

what a good idea. eating out is so expesnive - we always take picnics!

Maggie May said...

Surburbia ....... that made me laugh ...... I have talked about my tiny garden so often! That park picture is MASSIVE. I couldn't cope with a garden that size. Not sure I would like it.

Mean Mom ....... not sure about the lizards & things & DEFINITELY not the spiders .......

Merry W...... The pots look good for a photo en masse, but I agree that they probably are too glaring for a garden. I was drawn to the colours for a photo! I have blue ones though!

David..... you mean you find time for gardening as well as all your other skills?
Yeah...... keep drinking till you get the "ice" picture as you want it! Will look better & better!

Carolyn...... Too much snow can lead to over kill & you are in danger of having it. Unusually cold here at the moment. Last year we were in the middle of a heat wave! That was unusual too.

Grit..... that's always a good idea! I usually spend far more than I want. I reckon those places have some kind of hypnosis going on.

Flowerpot ..... what an apt name for this post! Picnics are fiddly to prepare but the kids enjoy them.

Mima said...

We have a really nice garden centre not far from here which I really enjoy visiting when I am well enough. Sounds as if the kids loved it.

Bina said...

Sounds like everyone had a great time! And sometimes, no matter what the food available, picnics are the best!

girl with the mask said...

I think there is something really 'school-holiday-ey' about Garden Centres... strange, isn't it?!

Dusty Spider said...

We take Noodle to our local garden centre too. It's a great place! Love the pic too. Lovely post. Thankyou. Flick xx

the mother of this lot said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Hope it took your mind off things for a while.

Anonymous said...

The garden centre sounds so beautiful! Like an indoor park. What a wonderful way to spend a day. Bringing your own food was a great idea, just like a picnic. I bet they loved the butterfly magnets!
I need to start to love gardening. Especially now that we have all this land. It overwhelms me.

Maggie May said...

Mima... I think it seems that these garden centres are everywhere now.

Bina ... yes, you are right!

Girl with a mask ....... school holidayey that's agreat word!

Flick ...... seems you are all going to these places!

Jackie ..... we went a few days BEFORE! Work is definitely helping me though!

Eileen .... I think TOO much land would be off putting for me. I'm happy with my tiny garden.

Granny Smith said...

You have proved that you don't have to go to Disneyland to make children happy. And garden centers are not only fun for you too but a lot less expensive than more elaborate entertainments.

Be sure that the girls keep those butterfly magnets away from your computer! I would hate for anything to interfere with your blog.

Maggie May said...

Granny smith....... gosh thank you for warning me about magnets & computers. I hadn't thought of that. They seem to have them stuck on their beds at present on a metal bit.
No need to go to Disney Land, though they'd like to!