Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Half Hour Before Work!

I was busy cooking earlier when I saw butterflies through the kitchen window and I couldn't leave what I was doing.
Earlier, when the grand daughters needed me, I saw a wood pigeon having a bath in the bird bath. Two collared doves were sitting ridiculously  on the bird feeder stand, trying without success to find a way onto the sunflower seed container and the fat ball. That would have made the perfect snap.
Yesterday a squirrel ran along the back fence. However, if I were to open the back door, all wild life would panic and disappear.

I had half an hour to spare before work. I could have spent it blogging or I could have read the new book I was about to begin.

I decided to get my camera and to lie low in the garden. As usual, not a creature in sight. Just then, a butterfly fluttered over the hedge. Why didn't I have my camera open? It went further down the garden and landed on a flower! My perfect snap! This was further down the garden and I would need to scramble down the rockery and would probably risk breaking my neck as well as the camera. I went the long way round. It was sitting perfectly still on a flower. I took aim ........ Blast! It knew I wanted a picture and I'm sure it was laughing at me as it flittered back over the hedge. The birds were around as they were chattering in the trees but did not come into the garden.

I heard the dreaded clock chime the hour. I had to leave for work and marveled at just how quickly half an hour goes by.
I reluctantly left, and noticed there were bluebottles in the house because I had left the back door open!
I did take one picture while waiting for wild life in the garden though, as I got bored! I hope you don't mind a photo of my washing while you are waiting for my perfect photo of a butterfly on a flower!


Lindsay said...

What pretty clothes you have!

Craver Vii said...

No perfect shot of a butterfly? Oh Maggie May, you're hanging us out to dry. ;-)

I know the feeling of a missed photo opp, but you have spun this experience into a fun read. Thanks for that!

I posted a photo of the "babushka" lady we were talking about. Drop by if you get a chance.

Mrs. Fox said...

Ha! This is exactly why I rarely take photos. It's a miracle that anyone ever does. :)

Retiredandcrazy said...

Maggie, you just wear me out!

Momma said...

I love the scent of laundry that's been hung out on the line, so this photograph appeals to me.

It's great that you enjoyed a little nature before you hurried off to work. It's important to do that!

Peace - D

Mya said...

Lovely bloomers! And is that sunshine I see? In Blighty? I have forgotten such a thing exists.

Mya x

softinthehead said...

I agree with Momma - I love clothes dried outside, and I actually like the act of hanging it out, it must mean a good day - right?!

Suburbia said...

Time is so precious isn't it?! I wish I had more hours as I want to read, blog and take photos! Work really gets in the way sometimes dosen't it?!

Lovely washing by the way;)

OvaGirl said...

I always enjoy your photos MM. It may be a picture of washing drying but there's so much light and movement in this picture and to me it tells a story which is just as appealing as a perfect shot of a butterfly...!

the mother of this lot said...

I'd rather see washing than a butterfly. Which is a good job really, because I see a lot of washing.

And Maggie, I really do think you are being deliberately awkward. You know perfectly well the PASTA was in the packet. The SAUCE was home made!

How's Harry?

Nora said...

I like laundry drying on the washing line better than seeing a photograph of a butterfly. I am nosy and like to see how people hang up their laundry. If their is a system to their method. Or do I mean that the other way around? Probably...

® ♫ The Brit ♪ ® said...

Ahh the English garden! full of clothes, geraniums and blue trailing lobelia!
How I miss all that! - Thank you for keeping British memories alive with your wonderful photo Maggie May! :)

Anonymous said...

I love it! I can imagine you stalking butterflies in your garden. They always seem to know when you want to take a photo of them and fly away at the exact moment!

take care,

Working mum said...

Never work with children and animals. Try still life!

Maggie May said...

Lindsay ...Mine aren't the pretty ones!

Craver vii ........ was worth a visit!

Mrs Fox ........ it can be frustrating but rewarding.

Retired & Crazy ....... sorry about that.

Momma ...... yes, one of my favourite smells newly launderd clothers that have been hung out to dry!

Mya ....... bloomers? Pyjamas I think you mean. yes we get good weather in Blighty some days!

Softinthehead ..... yes, I like putting out washing but not taking it in. especially during a shower!

Suburbia ..... yes work can get in the way sometimes.

Ovagirl ....... thanks for that lovely compliment.

Jackie ......You sooner see my washing???? Oops I can see I made a mistake about the pasta! Sorry!

Nora ..... I just hang it out! No set pattern!

The Brit ...... Sorry I made you homesick.

Peter...... they must have a sixth sense!

Working Mum .... well I'm surrounded by children, so might as well go the whole hog & go for the animals too!

San said...

Maggie, I've always loved seeing laundry hanging on a line. When I was a kid, my favorite chore was hanging wash on the line.

Your shot is very cheerful. A "feel-good" shot as bright as the sun.

GoneBackSouth said...

I use my tumble dryer far too much - it would never give me a shot like this.

Suldog said...

Well, I think your washing is just lovely. Who needs anything like a silly old butterfly when we've got your bloomers and such? Very good!

Thanks for stopping by over at my place!

Bina said...

You are so funny. You will get many more opportunities with that beautiful garden you have! Just don't have the sheets flapping in the wind so scare them away! LOL

Liz said...

That's a beautiful washing line! Fresh clean clothes blowing in the wind are much prettier than butterflies or birds or squirrels anyway!

Maggie May said...

San ....... I can't believe so many people like my laundry!

Gonebacksouth ....... I don't possess a dryer.

Suldog ........another washing lover!

Bina ...... I will have to be careful with sheets!

Liz ......... So butterflies seem to be a complete no no! I think you are all being kind to me!

http://reluctantmemsahib.wordpress.com said...

perfectly lovely laundry!

Maggie May said...

Reluctant memsahib ........ how lovely to have a visit from you.

CrazyCath said...

Oh my goodness Maggie... you've caught the bug!
Welcome to the madness of sitting for hours doing nothing but keeping the camera ready.... ;0)

Mima said...

Even when I finally get what I want in the frame I normally find that it ended up out of focus, or a just plain awful shot. Good luck with your next camera safari, and washing definitely works in the meantime!