Sunday 30 December 2012

Happy New Year

Photocopyright: Maggie May

Hoping you all had a very pleasant Christmas. We did enjoy ours with my daughter and grandsons. We also saw Sam and the family too.

Harry has had his first session of chemo and doesn't seem too bad. They started him off with a fairly mild one and all being well, they will increase the strength as he goes along. 

I'm always a little bit anxious at the start of a new year...... wondering what difficulties will be dealt to us during the next one?
However, as my daughter says, "Its only a number, Mum."
So, I'd like to wish everyone a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR. Peace and health to you all.

Saturday 22 December 2012

Happy Christmas

Photo Copyright: Maggie May

I expect most people are going to be very busy preparing for Christmas and maybe like me, will be having family to stay.
My daughter is coming over with my grandsons and the time is going by fast with last minute preparations, so I just wanted to wish everyone a Very Happy Christmas while I have a chance.

It is fairly mild here but pouring with rain and more is forecast over the holiday period. My granddaughters want snow but that seems very unlikely.

Harry will be starting chemo the day after Boxing Day so at least he will be able to eat his Christmas dinner without feeling off colour.
I usually enjoy the true meaning of the season, the carols, Nativities, children's school events and we do try to make Jesus the centre of our Christmas because that is what it is all about for us. That and family.

Wishing everyone a peaceful, joyous time whatever you are doing.

Sunday 16 December 2012

Highs and Lows

I must apologise for my lack of blogging over the past week and the fact that I haven't managed to comment on many of the blogs that I normally visit.
I have been busy with Christmas, as most of you must have been.  Christmas shopping and grandchildren's school Nativities have taken up some of the time. I have also done some childminding to help the family.

I am upset that Harry has to start emergency chemo, probably before Christmas as his cancer is getting out of hand again. Although it was on the cards that he had to have it, we had thought it might have been staved off until after Christmas. However, we are waiting for Oncology to call us for an exact date so cannot arrange any activities as we don't know when it will commence.  My daughter is coming over for Christmas and obviously was hoping that there would be no illness or treatments over the holiday period. One or the other of us has been ill every Christmas for the last three years when she has been here.
My brother Eddie's wife is really ill after the fourth of her second batch of chemo treatments and was unable to come and see us last week when Eddie and my nephew came for a visit to our home. It was lovely to see them again though and we had a lot to catch up on.
I think Eddie has had to postpone blogging for a while because of the upset of this illness and treatment and the fact that he has so many extra things to do while his wife is ill. He is known to many people as Eddiebluelights. I really hope he will be able to get back to his blog before too long.

I was absolutely appalled by the pointless killing of all those children in the USA school by an obvious madman. The pictures of them came onto our TV screen this evening and I felt  my blood run cold. It is so terrible that I can't comment further on it.

This afternoon, I went to a concert performed by Sandy's pupils. She teaches the flute and is my son, Sam's partner. I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and thought everyone did very well. My granddaughter, Amber had only ever had two lessons and she went to the front and confidently played two little pieces. I was so proud of her. My step grandchildren are also very musical and Ossie played the piano and Jessie the saxophone. Maybe Millie will be playing in next years concert. I really enjoyed my afternoon and feel really proud of this musical family and the route they are taking. My mother and father, who were also very musical would have been so proud of them all too.
Lets end on this positive note!

Saturday 8 December 2012

Let There Be Light

Photocopyright: Maggie May

Today was cold but sunny and I found myself sitting on my garden bench with the sun streaming onto my face and my eyes squinting in the unaccustomed sunlight. It was a wonderful feeling and I sat this way for fifteen minutes or so before I felt the cold and went in.
Sitting outside in the sun in December? Had I gone mad?
Until yesterday, my garden had never had any Winter sunshine. In fact we had only ever had two hours of so of sunlight even at the height of Summer and this was affecting the things that I could grow.
Back in the seventies, it was very fashionable to buy Leylandii trees and plant them at the bottom of gardens. We planted two and some of my neighbours did the same. The trouble was that they grew very tall and spread their branches wide, very quickly, getting completely out of hand. When they had reached 30 or 40 feet, most neighbours, myself included, paid to have them chopped down.
These trees have huge trunks and only the tips of branches are green. Inside, there is only a brown mess of old growth and bare branches. It is impossible to shape them unless they are clipped when small or into hedges. nothing grows under neath them except ivy.
Only next door's tree remained after the others had gone and that shut out most of the light from our pocket handkerchief sized garden. As the tree gradually grew bigger and wider, I just accepted it.

Yesterday, there was a bit of a commotion in the back lane and there were chain saws buzzing and men clambering up the tree. Lumberjacks. I had the perfect view from the back bedroom window and the men took nearly all day to fell it because it had divided into two trees from the bottom.
It was just as though the light had been switched on in our back living room. I'd forgotten what the sun looked like shining through that window.

Only one drawback....... the collared doves, wood pigeons and magpies were panicking and flying round and round in circles looking for their roosting place. They circled round for ages, long after the tree had gone.
I really hope that they found somewhere else suitable. I am well pleased with the new look and the open space, but there's always a drawback to everything, isn't there?

Saturday 1 December 2012

Out Of The Woods?

Photo Copyright: Maggie May

When one parent up sticks and leaves the children with the remaining one for several years and then unexpectedly tries to gain custody, it can be really distressing.
Usually by the end of that time, the children are settled with the remaining parent who has possibly a new partner and maybe new siblings and pets. Everything is stable and calm after the trauma of that person walking away in the first place.

It seems quite cruel to me, that the parent who left, can come along and flash money about and believe that the children will want to leave a stable and loving home.
Is it jealousy that makes a person do this?
It seems that the one with the most money, who can afford expensive court sessions with solicitors and barristers are at an advantage and we all know of cases where PC has come before a child's happiness.
I believe that the childrens' happiness should always be the most important thing and its hard to believe that another person cannot feel the same way.

Thankfully, as time ticks by and children get older and can make up their own minds who they want to live with, their wishes often do get taken into consideration. However these things cannot be guaranteed or decided upon in a hurry and while waiting for decisions to be made everyone is left wondering whether they are out of the woods yet.
Is it just a question of trusting the powers that be and common sense? Or is there more to it than that? I can't help thinking what a waste of money the whole thing is.