Thursday 29 September 2011

Webs In My Face

Photo Copyright: Maggie May

I have now finished my radiation treatment and I am enjoying my first day of freedom from not having to go every day to Oncology.
I've been warned that I might not feel well for up to a month. I must just do what I feel I can but take it easy.
That sounds good to me.
There is sunshine and warmth and a pretty garden to sit in and many books to read.
If only there weren't so many spiders about.
They are everywhere right now and whatever I try to do outside, I seem to brush my face against a web.
Isn't that the most awful experience? Maybe you like that feeling?

Thursday 22 September 2011

Impressive Or What!

At an open night at the girls' school, Sam and I took advantage of seeing their work.
Amber the oldest granddaughter, showed us a lovely description she had on the wall about her self. We were quite impressed except when we came to the sentence that said, There are two things I don't like. One is my sister and the other is olives.
I spent a good while telling her how mean that sounded and also did she just think of her sister as she would a vegetable. I suppose at least she put her sister before the olive.

Millie, my youngest granddaughter, said to me, "One of the boys in our class did a very loud, long fart when we had to be quiet."
Thinking of what kind of reaction that would have caused in my rather stern schooling, I asked what happened next.
The teacher just remarked,"That was very impressive, Tommy"
I loved that answer. We would have had a very stern dressing down about manners, when I was young. Things are so much better today.

We are all trying so hard not to be too excited about a house that my son and granddaughters have put in an offer for. It is very close to where I live and someone has put in an offer for Sam's house, which is just out of Bristol and it is such a bother to get the children to school and see all their friends, not forgetting visiting Granddad and me. The deal is all in the hands of the Estate Agents and Solicitors now and is subject to contract.
With a bit of luck, they will have moved in by December. Fingers crossed it will all work out. Otherwise there will be some very disappointed people about.

I am nearing the end of my radiation treatment now and am in pain at the moment with lesions and burns. I know they will go in a few weeks, but at the moment I am moaning like Hell.

Thursday 15 September 2011

Saturday Dilemma

Photo Copyright: Maggie May

First of all I would like to apologise to those people who couldn't leave a comment on my last post because of a Blogger glitch. I only knew about it because they asked my brother to pass on a message about their difficulty.
I hope Blogger is working again now.

You might be wondering about the little owl photo on this post.
It was brought round by my friend and neighbour this afternoon.
At first I thought that it was a little bag or purse with a key ring on it. However, when I opened it up there was a strong nylon bag inside. That is ideal for unexpected shopping journeys. You know how easy it is to pop in for a small item and then go on to buy six. Then you notice you haven't sufficient room in your bag.
I am always doing that. Now I can clip this little owl onto my bag and never have to come home with a plastic bag again.
So I am well pleased. I do seem to have some lovely friends, don't I?

I hear some funny things while waiting in the hospital for my treatment to start.
Today I found myself sitting in a corridor with another lady while they prepared the two rooms for our radiotherapy.
The lady started telling me she'd just started having the treatment after a long session of chemo. I remarked that she was extremely lucky to have kept her hair.
She replied that it was a wig.
I was truly amazed because I can usually tell when some one is wearing a wig and this one even seemed to be mottled with grey. Very natural looking.
Anyway, she went on to inform me that while she had been having chemotherapy, another lady had asked her if it was her own hair or a wig and when she answered that it was a wig, the older lady asked if she could borrow it for the weekend while she went to a wedding because it looked so natural.
What a cheek. It would be as bad as someone asking to borrow a set of teeth or a false limb. Just a bit too personal.
We both had a chuckle about that.

It was my oldest granddaughter's 9th Birthday this week. I can hardly believe that she only came to this country five years ago after living in Japan from birth. She has done extremely well with all her English subjects.
However, she is feeling a bit sorry for herself at the moment as she is being taken by her mother to another city every Saturday to a Japanese school for the whole day.
It is the only way that both children can even attempt to keep up with their appropriate school year with reading and writing in Japanese.

The positive thing will be that both children will be fluent in both languages when they become adults and most likely will end up with good jobs because of this.
The downside is that they are doing a six day school week when everyone else is only doing five and they will miss parties with their friends and outings with their dad.

I can remember when I was only twelve and my teeth were overcrowded and my dentist wanted to make more room for them by extracting four good teeth. My mother left me with the choice and I obviously chose not to have the surgery.
I later told my mother that I wished she had made me have it done as my teeth grew crooked.
This seems to be a similar case with the girls and their Saturday school.
They might be glad of the extra tuition on a Saturday if they end up with good jobs as bilingual English/Japanese speakers.
What do others think about this?
Is it good or bad to cram children's schooling with an extra day?

Friday 9 September 2011


Photo Copyright: Maggie May

I expect that you are all wondering what it is like to go through radiation treatment.
I can honestly say that it is not as bad as chemo...... not by a long chalk.
However, when I went through chemo, I was ill for a week or so and then started to pick up each day until the next infusion.

Going everyday for radiation treatment might not be as harsh as that but it can make one feel extremely tired all the time and can cause flare-ups of pain.
As my coccyx is involved, it can get really painful. Bone pain can be excruciating so I am still on some meds for it but trying to cut down regularly depending how I feel.

The department I go to is very busy and people of all ages come here from miles around. I'm lucky that I don't have far to go.
The saddest thing is to see little children going through chemo and there are also many younger people than me and a good few are brought in on trollies. This all makes me feel I shouldn't be grumbling.
One day my appointment was cancelled because one of the machines broke down. I have been assured that I will get an extra session at the end of my treatment so there are no problems concerning that.

No one has any idea what is going on in my body. I have been told to concentrate on getting through the treatment and live for the day.
Nothing about my life is certain. I could make myself ill with worry. However, most of the time I am too tired to think too hard or go beyond today.

I do a little job or two each day. Sometimes I can only manage to clean one shelf of the fridge. Other days I romp through the house or go for a walk with no problem. There is no rhyme or reason for this...... no way I can tell in advance how I am going to be. I tend not to make any really important arrangements because I might not be able to keep them.
I am drifting through life and trying not to care.
However, I am glad to be alive.

The sunflowers were brought round by Hetty, a good friend. They lasted a long time.
They were bright and cheerful in my front room.

I am over halfway through the treatment now and hoping non of the terrible side affects (that I had to sign a disclaimer for) will happen to me.
By the end of this month I should have finished the treatment but it will go on working for a month after that. I could feel tired during that month too. Not sure what state I will be in by then. Only time will tell.
I feel I have lost my summer and am dreading the winter weather coming round so soon.

Sunday 4 September 2011

Jurassic Park

Photos Copyright: Maggie May

"Do you want to come with us to Jurassic Park?" Asked Amber, my oldest granddaughter.
Thinking I might need a safari outfit and a machete, I wondered if my energy levels were up to it, but I thought I might regret it if I turned the opportunity of an exciting excursion.

I had never been there before, but I'd heard about the good times that Amber and Millie had had on their frequent visits to this park.
So I hobbled into Sam's car and off we went.
Granddad definitely wasn't up to going. He is struggling a bit with his chemo and needs to rest as much as possible.

I am glad this creature was only carved out of wood. It rather surprised me by its sudden appearance and looked as though it was about to pounce out of a pit.

The lion and the crocodile that were lurking in the undergrowth too.

This park is pleasantly situated in South Gloucestershire and it is a very pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon. As well as the animals, there were swings and balancing frames ...

...high wire rides and a sandpit, as well as a rope bridge to scramble across.
However, I was very glad to be able to sit and watch everything from the comfort of a good park bench and as usual, I was pleased that I had my camera handy.
Yes....... I was very pleased that I had ventured out to Jurassic park.