Saturday 8 October 2016

A Pink-fleshed Apple and Bloggers Who Are Not Blogging!

I've just been to visit my son who shared an apple with me and the flesh was pinky red. It tasted halfway between being sweet and also being sour. At times it tasted either way, but was very good. He was pleased that he got two apples from a small tree that I bought him for his Birthday last June.

I was inspired to write about the lack of Blogging going on right now by Addy, one of my Blogging friends, (and I can't for the life of me get the link in my post as the way to do it has all changed since I last did one.) She may be found in my side bar under the name of Alcoholic Daze! Maybe this is why people are not Blogging so much these days.... everything is getting too difficult.
I know Google + has prevented me from commenting on some people's blogs as I really don't want to change over and some have even got different systems that also prevent me from commenting. It used to be so easy!

I started to write a blog in 2008 when my granddaughters lived with me. There was plenty of material to write about in those days because the children kept me busy with lots of amusing little episodes to share.
However, as children grow older, privacy must be respected and they really don't like being written about now, even when disguised heavily.
I suppose in those early days, I put in three posts a week and made some good blogging friends.
They were virtual of course, because we never really get to know a person this way, but never the less, when people I felt close to stopped writing over the years, I really missed them. Some of them have died, which is even worse.
There were others that came and went but generally people are not writing very much these days.

So what has happened to everyone?
is Blogging going out of fashion?