Tuesday 27 January 2015

Taking Things For Granted

Until now, we've had a very mild winter and we've watched the *standstill* on TV, that has happened in parts of the USA, hoping that we won't get the tail end of the snowy blizzard that appears to be sweeping across North West America. It seems quite scary.

I've looked in all the places in the garden where I used to have snow drops and cannot see any shooting up at all. Normally by now there would have been signs of them though its still quite early. The whole garden looks bare and it's hard to find anything of interest to take photos of. Maybe the whole place needs a makeover.

Speaking of makeovers, I had my hair cut really short today as it's easier to manage that way. I also had my thick, bushy eyebrows *threaded* and believe me, that can be a painful experience but they do look better. How it's done with just a thread in the hand, beats me.
Anyway, I'm now sorted out for a little while.

Harry is still waiting to hear from the hospital and in the meantime he is getting weaker. He gets very down hearted not being able to get out of the house at all....... well we both do, though I can go out for short spells. Makes me realise just how much we take for granted and until we lose something, such as the ability to walk and we just don't know how lucky we are beforehand.
I suppose that applies to everything in life, doesn't it?

Saturday 17 January 2015

Saturday Nights

I can remember when Saturday nights were, if not exiting then really enjoyable when Harry and I used to go dancing, out for a long stroll, visiting friends or maybe entertaining them here or maybe going to the cinema.
Nowadays, things have really slowed down and our pleasures have narrowed drastically.
Saturday night is now fish and chip night! I traipse along, armed with my padded bag to keep things warm, to our local fish & chip bar, that has won prizes for their wonderful take away cuisine, coming within the top few of all the fish and chip bars in the whole of the South West of England. I'm not surprised by this as their fish and chips are really delicious and don't seem to be dripping in fat the way many other places seem to produce theirs. Harry always insists on having the slices of lemon that they provide and that really compliments a wonderful, tasty Saturday night treat!
How about you?

Thursday 8 January 2015

Cabin Fever?

After a wet start this morning, it has turned sunny and I was really looking forward to going out as it is my afternoon off when Harry's helper comes to sit with him for a few hours.
However, he rang in sick today so I won't be going out for any length of time after all. This will be the third week of not having the helper, as Christmas Day and New Years Day both happened to be on a Thursday when he wasn't working.
When it's teaming with rain I don't seem to worry. It seems cosy in the house. I get on with my jigsaws, books and other hobbies. However, as soon as the sun starts to shine, I feel really pent up and wish I could get out, stretch my legs and feel the sun on my face.
Well why can't I do that anyway, you may ask?
The simple answer is that Harry has no sense of danger. He acts rather like a naughty child when I'm gone and puts himself in dangerous situations where he would need help to make himself safer. He begs and pleads and assures me that he won't do it again. However, he can't seem to learn by unwise consequences of his actions, so I guess it will always be like this. I can't trust him enough to leave him on his own for more than an hour and even then, he gets into some dangerous situations.

We'er still waiting for the hospital to get in touch with us about his forthcoming tests and possible operation for a shunt but it doesn't seem to be going to happen any time soon.
That's the way it is with our National Health over here. No good getting in a stew about it.
Trouble is, our body clocks are ticking by.......

In the meantime I must be content with my hobbies and try not to get irritable and impatient.