Friday 24 May 2013

Stormy Weather.....

Whatever has happened to our May weather?
This is the second year running that the weather has turned cold and blustery during May.
 I remember that we have always had warm, sunny days during my Birthday month. The things that stick out in my childhood memories are short sleeved dresses, parties in the garden and endless warm sunshine. I'm sure that wasn't all imagined, was it?
Today is like Winter again, very cold and windy and trying to rain.
I'm hoping that if I leave this post on my blog all week, that things might change ...... you know, Sod's Law and all that. I'm looking at the sky, but it is still as grim as ever.

Today, I've had to wait in for a workman to measure up my bay window for new strong curtain railing. The present curtains are in danger of falling down from an inadequate plastic rail and brittle hooks.  The railing will be moulded to the exact size and shape of the bay and then it will be delivered and fitted and the curtains rehung. I have chosen a well known firm to do the job for me as we are unable to do work like that ourselves anymore. It will be good to have the curtains fixed and be able to pull them with no fear of them coming down on our heads. This is one of several jobs that I am going to have done this year.
I am also trying to clean up the house and clear away clutters. I am constantly ferrying unwanted items to Cancer related Charity shops.
I have been watching programmes on TV about real hoarders who have things piled from floor to ceiling in every room. Some of them can't use the kitchen or bathroom and can only get in and out of the house with great difficulty through narrow gaps in the rubbish and sometimes by climbing over the heaps and stacks of junk that is apparently very precious to the collectors. When I get fed up with what I think are my muddles...... I realise how ordinary they are compared to these hoarders.

A few sunny days would inspire me to tackle the clear up and that is before I start on the garden.
Everything is done in bite sized chunks in this house so as not to aggravate my dodgy back.
I'm now going to put on some warm layers and brave the icy blasts of wind and steady rain..... all for the sake of a bit of exercise that a brisk walk will provide. It helps my back to stay supple, so I've been informed. Maybe I don't do enough!

Sunday 19 May 2013

Sunshine And Flowers

Photo copyright: Maggie May

In my last post, I was feeling really sad and was hoping for a dry day for my sister in law's funeral. It was very cold for a day or two beforehand and it had rained some of the time but the day quite unexpectedly turned out to be not only dry, but sunny and warmish too, which was an added bonus, I thought.
The day was still sad, but I think the service was very moving and meaningful and lots of people attended, some of them I hadn't seen for a long time. There was a feeling of closeness and empathy. Gloria was laid to rest in a beautiful setting where it is tranquil and peaceful and calm. I think all those words have the same meaning but I like them and they describe the place well.
I think the whole experience was thought provoking for everyone who attended and we all came away having gained something.
My brother feels very up and down emotionally, which is quite normal for a grieving husband. Eddie wants everyone to know that when he feels up to it, he will start blogging again. Plenty of time for that later, I say. No need to rush.

I also was very blessed with a warm, sunny day on my Birthday and I was able to visit the seven local gardens and enjoy them in comfort and sit in a beautiful place eating cake and drinking tea. I did appreciate everything that happened that day and also the previous evening when some of the family got together for a meal and we spent a very happy time together. 
Families are very precious and I know that Eddie has found his son and daughter to be an immense comfort and help to him.
So to all the family, many thanks. You all know who you are.

Sunday 12 May 2013

Mixed Emotions

Photo copyright: Maggie May

The photo is of a family prayer circle when we all went to visit my mother's cremation plot some while ago.
Most of the near family are on the photo, except for my son, who was inside the huddle taking the picture. Gloria is on the top lefthand side, whereas I am on the bottom righthand side!

The coming week will be filled with mixed emotions because my sister in law is having her funeral and yet it will also be my Birthday week. I can remember how we all had a family celebratory meal last year to mark my 70th Birthday that I didn't even expect to get to and here we are, one year later and Gloria is not here anymore and we are attending her funeral.
I will not go into the details of why her funeral has taken so long after her death, except to say there had to be an autopsy because of the somewhat unexpected timing of it. However, it was found to be cancer related.
I bought a little shrub in memory of her and it has flowers all over it at the moment and I can look at it from my kitchen window and be reminded of her whenever I look out. 

It has gone cold again and the weather has been inclined to rain. I'm hoping that it will be dry on the day of the funeral as it is to be a burial in a lovely church yard where one of my relatives lies and many people who Gloria knew are there, too. Rain is very dismal at a funeral, I always think.

I'd like it to be dry on my Birthday, too, because I am visiting five local gardens that will be open to the public for a few hours. Last year I really enjoyed doing the same, when local gardens opened to everyone who wanted to view them. However, it is not quite so enjoyable traipsing around in the rain, though I intend to go, even if it is pouring.
Does anyone know the opposite of a rain dance?

Sunday 5 May 2013

Time and Tide

"Time and tide wait for no man", so the old proverb says.

It seems that most young people, (and that means anyone younger than me), are on a treadmill and don't have the time to visit (or even speak) these days.
If I phone, then most of them are about to go out, eat or are engrossed in some activity, usually to do with screens and tell me they are too busy to talk.
When they do visit, they are distracted, fiddling with their phones, listening but not really listening, if you know what I mean. However, mostly they decline to come in at all and just collect the thing they have come for and they say that they are running late and had to be somewhere else 10 minutes ago.

Was I really like this when I was their age? Maybe I was irritated by older folk slowing down but I seem to remember visiting friends of all age groups as well as parents and I did give them some undivided attention. Indeed, even today, my Sunday afternoons are spent visiting an elderly, infirm lady in her nineties who lives alone with a serious health problem and no family. Quite often, she is most disagreeable but sometimes a pleasure to be with. I go and visit her because I can imagine how it must be for her to have no family. She is old enough to be my mother and yet I regularly go and spend an hour with her. It doesn't seem unreasonable, does it?
Only older folk know what it is like to be in this position and they have empathy with one another.

Where has compassion gone to these days? Surely if people are that busy then they are too busy and they run the risk of serious health problems later on ..... or are we all meant to be living alone in our little boxes with only screens for company?