Saturday, 28 November 2009

Children In Need

Last weekend in England, it was Children In Need Week which is an appeal for lots of money to support childrens' Charities. The bear in the picture is a character who is used to advertise the Appeal. His name is Pudsey. No you are not seeing double, there really are two there.

Every week at school, Amber, my eldest granddaughter has a spelling test on a Friday. Usually twelve new words that have to be learnt each week. As a rule she gets all twelve right and as a reward, I usually buy her (and Millie) a small gift. That is real pressure, isn't it? If Amber gets all twelve, then Millie gets something too.
Anticipating the twelve out of twelve, I asked the children what they would like. It is usually something quite small. This time they both said that they would like Pudsey bears. They were selling them in the local ASDA shops for only a a pound each. They were very small bears.
Well, Harry and I searched two ASDA shops and all the little bears had been snapped up and they only had the larger ones that cost much more than they usually get for a spelling test.
I was getting tired so decided to get a large bear each and go mad.
When the girls saw the bears, they were overawed and their Dad said, "You'd better give them a hug for buying those bears." (Obviously meaning granddad and me.) We all collapsed with laughter when both the girls picked up their bears and gave them a hug.
Wasn't that funny.

On Tuesday evening, Harry and I had to go to the hospital where he has been treated for prostate cancer for seven years. We were both rather shocked to be told that they can only now treat the cancer successfully for six more months. After that it will be much more difficult and will be less and less effective. I thought that they would be able to do another two years, so this is a new blow that we have to bear in our family.
Seems I just get to grips with one thing and then something else comes and takes away the peace.
When you get kicked enough times...... you feel stunned, unreal. However, you just have to get back up and try again.

I have now had my CT scan and have been told it will be 10 days before I can learn anything about what exactly is going on in my body.
I also have two more different scans booked for next week.
I am about to start back at work on Monday so it means taking off yet more time and not getting any nearer to knowing what treatment I will be getting or when.
I am thinking that I am being given lessons in patience from above.
In the meantime........ I am experimenting with scarves and hats. Not too keen on a wig.


Ayak said...

Maggie...It's so difficult to be patient at a time like this. I truly believe the waiting is the worst thing about it. The not knowing. Once you know for sure how you can be treated you can just get on with it.

You may not need scarves or hats...but if you do I agree with you that they are preferable to wigs.

As always you are in my thoughts.
Chin up

VioletSky said...

Maybe you both need your own Pudseys to clutch and hug at your respective appointments.
Hopefully, they can find something different that won't be 'less and less effective'.

Thumbelina said...

Don't run before you have to! You may not lose your hair. It may only thin, or it may not affect it. If it does, it does and you cross that when you come to it.

It is a blow about Harry's treatment. It makes you want to shout WHY WHY WHY???? at the top of your lungs. What are you to do after 6 months? Grr. I guess the answer to that is "keep praying" as we all are and will be.
You're right - sometimes you go numb so the next blows stop hurting because you are so numb from the last ones.

Hope you get no more surprises or shocks. Those bears are adorable - as are the grandchildren who decided to hug THEM instead of Grandma and Grandad! :0) I'm sure you got your hug afterwards.

Take care Maggie. Still thinking of you and praying. Still here when you need me.
(((*hugs for Maggie*)))

The Green Stone Woman said...

There's nothing I can say that will lighten the blows that life is delivering you right now. It is tough, Maggie. You are a brave woman and I hope you keep on being brave and that you don't give up courage.

I would wonder how to tie a scarf attractively too. That would be my first option if I lost my hair. You do want to be prepared for whatever eventuality.

It's a shame that you have to live with so many unknowns now. It's a time of waiting. That's the hardest part, I'm sure, when you're not fighting yet, or know if you need to be fighting and how much. You and Harry both have a lot to worry about. I'm sure it's not easy. Know that you're always on my mind.


Teacher's Pet said...

Maggie....I feel like the bear....only in reverse. The bear usually gets the hugs. I want to give you and to Harry.
I hug you real tightly...and am thinking of you and praying for you. Those are constants.
Such a sweet grandmother you are.... I know that those granddaughters are more than appreciative of everything you do for them. Thoe Pudsey bears are the cutest!!....
Consider yourself "Pudsey Hugged"!
Smiles from Jackie

aims said...

Yes - you may not lose your hair at all Maggie.

When I had radiation - there was a lovely group of women who came in an taught us all how to tie scarves and wear hats and how to put on makeup that made up look healthier. They gave us much hope and plenty of good information.

You will not be alone in this Maggie. There will be so many people to help you that you might be bowled over.

It's the waiting and wondering and imagining that makes it all so much harder.

Might heart is with you and yours. Positive positive positive.

You know where I am - and I'm thinking of you.

Bernie said...

Maggie, when I lost my hair I tried everything until one day I said the heck with it and just went bald.....I realized I was wearing those uncomfortable scarves and wigs for others to be comfortable and not for my own comfort.....I didn't mind being seen bald.....but I have to admit I was devastated when my hair first fell out.
I do hope Harry continues to do well, you do have your plate full Maggie, I know you will deal with each day as it comes.....always in my heart and prayers my friend, have a great weekend....:-) Hugs

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Dearest Maggie...I am so very, very sorry about does indeed seem you are being kicked around!!! You are extremely brave...I HATE cancer...ARGHHHH! Am praying for both of you!!!! Scarves, hats...and turbans...all can be extraordinarily stylish...and worn with big jewelry pieces, you can look very snappy!! I'm sure you will be beautiful, even without your hair. I'm sending you much love today!!! Janine XO

RNSANE said...

My dear Maggie May,
It seems that, when it rains, it pours...why not just a teeny weeny drizzle? But that is the way life is! The news about Harry is deplorable. Let's just hope that, in six months, some new - and BETTER - treatment is available.

As for you, after you have been scanned every which way, I hope they can give you some definite answers. This waiting would make me bonkers ( more than I already am ). You are such a trooper.

Prayers, hugs, and more.


San said...

Maggie, you're in my thoughts. I'm sorry you're in this period of uncertainty.

Those Pudsey bears are just adorable, and I loved hearing about the girls giving them the hug.

Teacher's Pet said...

Maggie...It's late Saturday here (you are probably sleeping across the pond)...but when you awaken, I wanted you to have another comment from me to let you know that I am thinking of you....and I will continue to do promise to you.
Many smiles and much love,

Rose said...

What a sweet grandma you are to have bought the girls the larger bears, and how funny that they gave them the hugs instead.

I'd like to send you a big virtual bear hug, Maggie. Waiting is so hard, and Harry's news has to be distressing. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


Life with Kaishon said...

I know that whatever you wear on your head you will look stunning Miss Maggie! Oh yes you will! I am sorry about the diagnosis for your husband as well. How sad. I am praying for you!

St Jude said...

Grandchildren are the best medicine you can get, aren't they.

Even though you may not need them, the hats and scarves are 'preparation' for what might be. I understand that Maggie and it is important. If you don't need them, well at least you will have some cracking good hats and scarves to carry you through the winter, and you'll look the bees knees. ;0)

cheshire wife said...

You are having a difficult time aren't you. I think that you should have called your post 'Grandparents in Need'.

Hopefully you will not need a scarf or a hat and do not write off a wig. Wigs today can look very real and you can get them on the NHS.

I am surprised that you are expected to work through all of this. I am sure, that in your situation, my mind would be anywhere but at work. I do hope that you get some better news later in the week. I shall be thinking about you.


Anonymous said...

I'm stunned that you and Harry are getting hit with this at the same time. You never know what life is going to through at you. I'm so very, very just does not seem fair. (((((HUGS)))))

Now know what you are dealing with Maggie, so you have to fight, pray and NEVER give up the HOPE. I believe you both can beat this, with your LOVE for each other, Your Faith, YOur FAMILY and YOUR FRIENDS. Imagine yourself being surrounded by a huge, protective circle of love.

I love that you bought your girls those bears. I have a feeling they are going to get a lot of hugging.

Sending healing thoughts and keeping you close to my heart.

Anonymous said...

I'm stunned that you and Harry are getting hit with this at the same time. You never know what life is going to through at you. I'm so very, very just does not seem fair. (((((HUGS)))))

Now know what you are dealing with Maggie, so you have to fight, pray and NEVER give up the HOPE. I believe you both can beat this, with your LOVE for each other, Your Faith, YOur FAMILY and YOUR FRIENDS. Imagine yourself being surrounded by a huge, protective circle of love.

I love that you bought your girls those bears. I have a feeling they are going to get a lot of hugging.

Sending healing thoughts and keeping you close to my heart.

Eddie Bluelights said...

Loved the Pudsey Bear story - very funny.
I remember my daughter singing in a concert one year for radio Bristol at The Mall for Children In Need! Remember it?
But the news of Harry and your situation is very upsetting and all we can to is hope and pray, which I am really overjoyed to see so many friends doing.
You know I am here for you ~ Eddie x

Akelamalu said...

What a great story about the bears and your grandchildren. Myself and a colleague hold a Teddy Creche every year to raise money for children in need. We ask that all the pupils bring in their teddies for us to look after for the day and charge them 50p per teddy. We write each teddy a report at the end of the day and the kids love it!

Sorry to hear about your hubbies treatment and it's disgraceful that you have to wait so long for the results of your scans.

I'm sending positive thoughts to you and oodles of Reiki.x

Mimi said...

Maggie, I'm sorry that, just as you're scrambling to get up from the last blow, another one comes along.
But I'm glad tto see so many bloggers rooting for you, and here's one more.
Sending love and light your way, mimi

imbeingheldhostage said...

Oh Maggie... you are in my prayers and I will add Harry. (hugs)

Wendy said...

Hi Maggie, those bears are so cute! Oh, that story. Aren't children just the best??

I think you might just want to sit down with hubby's doctor and get a proper explanation. This one sounds incomplete to me. You do not leave somebody "hanging" after so much treatment. You need to know what options you have. What the next step is in his "care plan". Or go elsewhere (if you can).

Keep your chin up, Maggie. Sending you lots and lots of love. As Cheryl says "imagine yourself surrounded by a circle of love". It does work.

Anonymous said...

Maggie, I am so sorry for all your family is going through! You remain in my thoughts and prayers!

Suburbia said...

Gosh Maggie, so sorry to hear Harrys news, on top of everything else, my thoughts are with you both.

(That lesson in patience is a pain in the *** isn't it?!!!!!!!!)

Lovely bears :)

Retiredandcrazy said...

I know what you mean Maggie I pray for patience too and all God gives me is trials and tribulations!!!!

So sorry to hear that Harry only has 6 months more treatment. What a bummer.

Suldog said...

Ah, damn. I visit here, after you've been to my place so many times, and I hear the somewhat sad news report. Sorry to hear about these things, and I'll say a nice prayer as soon as this posts.

SandyCarlson said...

I am glad those girls are keeping the mood upbeat! My heart is with you, Maggie.

Indrani said...

Dear Maggie, I really felt very sad to read this but that is not what you intended I know. Life keeps giving lessons and some are real hard chapters to understand and get through. I am sure you will get through, come out successfully and have a few lessons to offer for others going through this phase.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever a seen a picture of you but I'm pretty sure whatever you wear, you will look a million dollars. You have love in your heart, and that will shine through onto your face.

What a damn nuisance about Harry's treatment. Surely they can do more.

I think a lot was raised during Children in Need, despite the recession. People are still generous aren't they.

Love CJ xx

Leslie: said...

Those are adorable bears and it's no wonder they thought to hug them instead of you! lol

So sorry to hear of all your trials right now. My "husband's" father died of prostate cancer and I'm always scared he's going to get it, too. He already has diabetes that seems to be under some sort of control, yet he has some kidney disease from it - he's going for tests on that today, as a matter of fact. So let's pray for each other and each other's loved ones. Hugs to you all.

Tom Bailey said...

I wish you a quick recovery and healing. I hope that you get the result you are looking for.

Kindest regards,
Tom Bailey

Hilary said...

Oh Maggie. I'm so sorry you're dealing with so much. You and Harry sure do need a break. You're in my warmest of thoughts.

That story about the kids and the bear hugs made me laugh. Keep on laughing yourself when you can..


RiverPoet said...

Sometimes life doesn't seem fair, does it? And waiting is a real pisser ('scuse my language, but it's true!).

I'll keep checking back on you to see if you're okay.

Peace - D