Monday, 17 March 2008

Just Think Of The Baby Gazelles & How They Feel!

I was in a bit of a tizz the other day, when I had to visit the Bank to rectify something that I thought was a complete mistake they had made. Sam had gone with me. I'm not sure whether he thought I didn't understand about the mistake or whether he'd gone as a guard to stop me from hitting the Bank Manager! (Well actually we were going somewhere else afterwards.)
While we were waiting,  he said to me."Don't worry, just think of the baby gazelles and how they feel! "
Did I just hear that right?
He repeated the sentence. A puzzling thing to say in the middle of a bank! I suppose he meant that they had predators and didn't have an easy life compared to me.
I suddenly started to laugh at the absurdity of the sentence and how it didn't seem to fit in with the problem at the bank at all, but it did diffuse the situation, which was fixed more easily than I had anticipated.
That made me think of other strange things that people have said to me.
Children are always saying things that make me smile.
Three year old Millie, my granddaughter remarked when she saw her daddy kissing mummy goodbye, "Daddy, why are you kissing Mummy?" He replied, "Because I am going out and she is my wife."
Millie got quite annoyed and said, "No, you are MY wife and you shouldn't do that! You should kiss me!"
My other granddaughter, five year old Amber, went with the family to a pebble beach the other day and she found a tiny paint sampler that had been washed up with the tide.
 She then opened it and proceeded to paint some of the pebbles bright pink. When the children were told they were going back to the beach recently, Amber said, "Oh goody! We can paint more pebbles. Well she obviously thinks that it is perfectly normal to find tiny paint samplers washed up on the beach. Sadly though on another trip, a very large tin of gloss paint was washed up with the tide, but Sam steered the children safely away. No need to overdo the painting! Enough for a whole beach there.
I know someone who had a Cocker Spaniel which was taken out for a walk by a twelve year old. A neighbour said "What a lovely dog, is it a lady dog? (Being polite) "Oh no," was the reply, "Its a cocker!" Well it did cock its leg, I suppose!
So next time you are in a situation when you feel annoyed or upset and thinking of funny sayings doesn't seem to help, you can always try thinking of the baby gazelles and how they feel!


Cath said...

Your Sam is very astute and managed to bring your anxiety levels / anger / tension down very quickly and aptly with one random comment out of context.
Thanks for passing it on - that is a great trick!

Irene said...

All I can say is, I hope that the baby gazelles die quickly with the snap of a neck so they didn't have to suffer for a long time. My niece had a kitty and called it Bambie.

I know animals aren't cruel. like people can be.

And then here is tis: "That's no lady, that's ,my wife!"

the mother of this lot said...

I feel like a baby gazelle most days!

Maggie May said...

Crazy cath ............ Not sure if his remark was engineered or just one of those strange things that came out .........

Irene ........ yes, I hope they don't suffer too. Its a horrible way to go!

Jackie ........ so do I, come to think of it!

Casdok said...

An interesting thought!!

Expat mum said...

I watched a wildlife program the other day with my little one. The scene came where huge lionesses were chasing a big buffalo. I was very relieved to see that what one of them did was climb right onto the buffalo's head, put it's mouth over the buffalo's mouth and nostrils, thereby knocking it out first. I'm sure the first few bites probably woke it back up again, but I like to think it felt no pain.

Grit said...

It is true that children say wise and wonderful things.

Complaining about the amount of laundry I had yet to do, Squirrel opined, 'Well at least you are not chased by lions'.

This is very true, and made me grateful.

Suburbia said...

My day started in a similar way. Small sprog, still warm from bed, crept in beside me all cosy and sweet.And then (without much of a tune!) sang
''Spider pig, Spider pig, does whatever a Spider pig does!''
That was it.
What could I say?!

Gone Back South said...

I wish I could remember that when I'm feeling down or stressed. Perhaps I should print this post off and sellotape it to the snack cupboard which is where I usually head when I'm having a sense of humour malfunction. Thanks Maggie x

George said...

I'm still laughing at the thought of an entire beach painted hot pink . . . and seeing a happy child very satisfied with his work.

And my wife is a bank manager. If she's like one of those cheetahs, then she knows the gazelles bite back. Sometimes even attack!

Maggie May said...

casdok ....... mmmmmmhhhhhhh!

expatmum ....... Ow! That was a bit graphic! The big cats are clever & work in teams.

grit ...... well there you are then! Children DO know best! Nice of you to call.

suberbia ........ Well that's perfectly CLEAR to a child!

goneback south ....... yes, I need to cellotape it right in front of me, somewhere!

george ........ Yes ...... a pink beach would be lovely! To a child! Your wife is a bank manager! I've yet to see a little gazelle fight back! (Not that we have many in our city!) Thanks for visiting me.

Stinking Billy said...

I once read somewhere that 'prey' animals, like gazelles, know when they are about to be killed for food, and go into a numbing stupor which eliminates the pain. I didn't believe it then and I sure as hell don't believe it yet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming by my blog, it's great to make a new friend.

Your grandchildren are adorable. Children say the most amazing things don't they.

Crystal xx

Iota said...

It's part of my Stoic British upbringing, I think, but I do usually feel better for counting my blessings and reminding myself that other people have woes much worse than mine. Doesn't sort the problem out, but does give it perspective. Can't say I've ever thought about baby gazelles in that context, but I'll try it next time.

Iota said...

Suburbia - your sprog was quoting Homer Simpson's line from the trailer for The Simpsons movie. Didn't know whether to tell you that - sorry to burst your bubble if you were enjoying the mystery of the sprog's creativity, but I thought on balance you'd like to know.

Mean Mom said...

My family laughs at me, because, when the killing starts on the wildlife programmes, I close my eyes and stick my fingers in my ears. I just can't bear it.

I really like that picture of the pebbles, for some reason. It's very appealing. Glad you survived the visit to the bank.

Maggie May said...

Stinking Billy ........ no I don't believe that either!

Crystal jigsaw ...... glad to see you. Yes, children are amazing!

iota ......... yes, its always best to count your blessings! I nearly said chickens, but then its been a long day!

mean mom .......... Yes, when these programmes come on, I often stick my head down my tee shirt! I can't bear the killing!

aims said...

People who can diffuse situations are gems! Especially if they can do it with a few little words!

I can go off on a rant at any given moment and The Man is very adept at diffusing me..good thing...I do hate it when I blow...

Maggie May said...

Yes, I suppose he IS good at diffusing things, my son!
I can go off on a rant, if needs be!

MarmiteToasty said...

I know its nature and the law of the land but I so dont like watching the wildlife programmes on africa cos there is always clips of little creatures getting ripped apart....

Im 'well ard' but its so not for me lol

Loved your examples of what kids say lol


Maggie May said...

thanks marmitetoasty!