Monday, 11 August 2008

Something Moved In The Cupboard!

It was breakfast time and I was in the kitchen getting my cereal. I spied something out of the corner of my eye! Something black that scuttled in the kitchen cabinet. Definitely not a rodent, much to my relief. It was much smaller.

"Harry, Harry quickly, there is something in this cabinet! It has scuttled off quite fast!" I called out to my long suffering husband. By now, I was on a stool peering into the cabinet and removing stuff quickly. "Oh no, it is there again."

"It's a beetle'" Harry said. My thoughts went racing........" Cockroaches, oh no. Maybe we have an infestation." I could picture me having a cockroach problem as well as rodents in the kitchen roof, where I can't get at the wretched things. I was thinking how embarrassing it would be to have both types of pests. "That's it," I thought, "I'm definitely moving."
There it was again..... moving so fast that my eyes couldn't focus on it.  Got it! I caught hold of a mug and trapped the intruder under it using the top of the cabinet to keep the creature in.

"I need a card," I shouted to Harry, "Quickly, so that I can slide it over the mug before I get down." Harry brought a sheet of  paper. "No, no, not paper, has to be card so that it will stay in place." I impatiently called out. 
My arm was aching by now. Harry brought a cereal box. I wished I wasn't balanced on a stool while Harry was rummaging around for a card of some sort. I couldn't let the creature go while I looked."There's a birthday card on the dresser, bring that," I wailed in desperation.  He brought a card with a raised motif on it. Was he deliberately trying to wind me up. He was really succeeding.
I ripped off the motif with my teeth and slipped the card over the top of the mug, and carefully removed the mug which now had the creature securely imprisoned inside. 

I got off the stool, keeping the mug upright & the card firmly in place on top.
Harry opened the front door, as the back door was locked as securely as Fort Knox! I moved a long way from the front door so there was no risk of the thing getting back in!
We peered into the mug and saw..................................... a moth!
Crisis over, panic, over, take a pill, calm down! 
It seemed funny, though, after a short while!


Dusty Spider said...

Glad you're back on line. Fancy getting all het up over a moth, bet you laughed!! Love the cups. I could do with some new ones. Flick xx said...

Maggie, you are back again. Welcome!

Lindsay said...

Glad you back! I hate cockroaches - in Bermuda where I lived for about 5 years, they were enormous especially in the flying season - urghh.

Beryl Ament said...

Nice to see you back—and with such a tale of derring-do!

Suzy said...

Welcome back!!!

And welcome to the moth too!



Expat mum said...

Ooh I hate moths though. Something about their lightness and the way they flit, duck and dive. You don't usually find them in cabinets though. And yes, Lindsay, I concur. The biggest cockroaches I have ever seen were in jamaica. You could have saddled them up!

Jeni said...

Moths and flies too bug me almost as much as do other yuckier type of insects (i.e. cockroaches, etc.) -mainly cause they fly in your face, flip and flit all about ya know.
But if that had been me, seeing something blackish move about, you can bet your bottom dollar, I would probably have been about wigging out till I got it, preferably dead!

Lulda Casadaga said...

Your post was so funny! I hate those cockroaches too...I grew up in a city and we had them in our apt..we sprayed...they would leave...neighbors sprayed...they came back.
Now in the south here in the US the big cousin roaches are called Palmetto Bugs and they FLY!!
Now those are scary...I do have a few funny roach stories, but don't want to upset anyone!!

OvaGirl said...

ooh they're dangerous those moths! Could have had your finger off!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Oh Maggie - that made me laugh - it sounded exactly like me and my husband. I know what you mean about creepy crawlies - only thought to myself last night, this is the time of year for giant spiders, ugh!. I think I may have to invest in a spider catcher.

Good to see you back.


Unknown said...

That is so funny! And the best part is that you didn't know what it was, but yet you saved it's little life. No thoughts of killing it, just wanted it to be free.

How sweet!

Jules said...

Hi Maggie! I loved your story, and I was right there with you all the way. I'm the type that puts everything (um, except for mosquitoes) outside. Nice to know it was a moth though, and not anything more ominous.

Suburbia said...

So nice to have you back!
Thank goodness it was only a moth.

Irene said...

hat was very exciting, Maggie. What a way to make your entry back into the blogging world. Welcome back, you were sorely missed.

cheshire wife said...

Pleased to see you back. What a way to start the day!

bindhiya said...

Dear Maggie,
Nice to see you back...
love the story...
have a good day..

Granny Smith said...

Welcome back to the internet! I missed you. Be careful when involved in such dangerous feats as moth removal!

Omykiss said...

With me it's spiders .. turn your back and they've spun another web in yet another corner ... little beasts!

Robin said...

Once my cat pounced on her squeaky toy in the corner of the living room and then I realized she didn't have a squeaky toy. My first thought was "rat". My second thought was "we are going to have to move."

It turned out to be a baby bunny. We let it go free outside (I still didn't like a bunny in the livingroom.)

Cath said...

It's great to have you back! So glad you don't have cockroaches.

Ryanne said...

I see you and David had the same theme for your post...cups. I am not a fan of those nasty roach buggers, luckily they don't reside in my where I live.

Anonymous said...


Glad to have you back! Great story about the moth! At the moment, we're trying to see off lots of mosquitoes - now, they're evil.....

take care,

Sandi McBride said...

That's why I love my feline companions...they don't allow riffraff like mice and bugs in...and if they get in they don't long survive it, lol!
glad you're back up and running

Anonymous said...

I am so glad it was a moth. I bet you both had a good laugh (and relief) over that. I hate rodent and roaches, so all's well that ends well.

Glad to have you back.

Casdok said...

Well written - you had me going!!!

Maggie May said...

dusty spider........ yeah..... silly, I know.

Retired & crazy..... good to be back!

Lindsay ....... not nice.

Beryl A .... Nice to see you over here.

Suzy..... lovely to hear from you again.

Expatmum ........ don't really mind moths.

Jeni....... never thought to kill it. Just wanted to identify the little perisher.

Luldo C ...... thanks for popping over. The cockroaches you described sounded horrendous.

Ova girl ..... I suppose I am lucky my fingers are still intact!

Strawberry jam....... I don't like spiders but usually manage to catch them & let them go.

Bina..... had to get the thing out in case it escaped!

Suburbia...... It was a relief.

Jules...... glad you liked it!

Irene...... thanks for the encouragement..... it is good to be back.

Cheshire wife.......... Yes what a way to start the day.

Bindi....... thanks!

Granny S ....... thanks for the kind remark.

Omykiss ..... spiders seem to be at their worst in England at this time of the year!

Robin...... what a surprise a baby bunny! I would have thought it was a rat!

Crazy cath...... yes shiver indeed.

Ryanne...... yep the mugs were a coincidence I thought.

Peter ..... mosquitoes are really evil.

Sandi M......Not sure felines would make much difference to a moth in a cupboard but you might have trained yours up!

Eileen........... Was a relief!

Casdok....... glad you were on edge!

Mean Mom said...

It's so disturbing to lose your internet connection, isn't it? Ours had a fault, today, until a couple of hours ago and there are so many people I'm trying to catch up with!

You ripped the motif off the card with your teeth? I'm so impressed! Was it quite a big moth, then? Moths are fine. I think of them as butterflies that fly at night. Some of them are really beautiful, too, and some are endangered.

I had a quick look back at a few of your recent posts, to try and catch up with your news. You have certainly been through some testing times, in the past and they don't seem to be over, yet, unfortunately.

I'm glad that you had such a good day out with your husband, just recently. How did his hospital visit go? How is your daughter's family - particularly her husband? I hope that you don't mind me asking. Good to be reading about your exploits again!

Gill - That British Woman said...

At least it wasn't cockroaches......

great blog,

Gill from Canada

nanatrish said...

That was so funny! I have been out and about and missed you. I'm glad we're back in action again. Moths are so pesky. Thank goodness it wasn't a roach or rodent. UGH. Don't you just hate them? My granddaughter says she is going to ask God why we have roaches and rats. Later, Trish

aims said...

LOL! Oh Maggie!

Lavinia said...

Thank goodness it was only a moth. But if it was another sort of critter, I hope that getting rid of it would be only a phone call to a pest control company away.!