Monday 22 December 2008

The Reason For The Season

Lets make Jesus the reason ...... for the season. 

It is easy to forget the real reason that we celebrate Christmas. It has become an eating  and drinking binge and an orgy of shopping and spending more than we can really afford, that sometimes means struggling to pay back during the next year. 
The early Christians hijacked the day from a pagan festival and made it into their celebration of Jesus' birth. Now we are having the true meaning of Christmas taken away from us by all manner of things....... political correctness, and all the many things the media throw at us because that is what they think we want and need.

I have enjoyed watching my granddaughters in their nativity plays at school. The Inn keeper and the shepherds and even the kings, who obviously wouldn't have got to see Jesus for another two years, if you think about it.
The Carols by Candlelight service at Church has now taken place and we look forward to going to Church on Christmas Day with our grandsons who will be staying with us.
These are all meaningful things to Harry and me. Of course, the other things, the traditions of Christmas are enjoyable too and we enjoy a good Christmas dinner the same as any one else. It is also good to give and receive presents and family seem to be an important part of Christmas too.

It is my observation from reading other blogs, noting comments on mine and listening to the local radio, that there is a yearning for spirituality that the "Powers That Be" are not aware of. In the end, people are sensible enough to draw their own conclusions and generally do not want to change Christmas for "Winter Holiday", nor does the average person want to be told what to think or believe.

Whatever your personal view on faith, I wish you all peace and joy during this Christmas season. Happy Christmas from all of us!

This hand made nativity set is a "family heirloom" that is practically falling to pieces. It was made quite a long time ago but I haven't the heart to bin it.


Casdok said...

And i wish you and your family a wonderful christmas! x

Anonymous said...

All good wishes to you for the Season.
I agree that it is first and foremost a celebration of the birth of Jesus, but if it also can be used to bring loved ones together, to stop the killing for at least a day, that is important too.

Mad Asthmatic said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family.
The celebration of the birth of Jesus is an important part of our family christmas. It is nice to see others who remember the real reason behind this festive season.

RiverPoet said...

All I have to say to that is - AMEN!

Merry Christmas, Maggie - D

Irene said...

You see, Maggie, how for some reason I am never the first to comment on your blog, like you are on mine.

I am not a Christian, so I guess you could consider me a pagan celebrating the ever greenness of the tree and me decorating it because of it.

I do have to add that I hate the over commercialization of the season and the stress it puts everyone under. I really don't think it's supposed to be this way. I think we ought to go back to celebrating the bare basics of love and peace and togetherness.

Maybe we could celebrate the unity of mankind.

Suburbia said...

Best wishes for a safe and spiritual Chrismas Maggie. Enjoy your family, they grow so fast!!

I have a nativity set like that that my mum made for us. I hope it will last like yours :)

Working Mum said...

Noooooooo, you can't bin it. It's wonderful. And a lovely illustration for your post.

Jeni said...

I think one of the things I resent about how this beautiful celebration has evolved is the manipulation by advertisers, trying to tell us that the only way to celebrate is to buy this, buy that and at the same time, others are following that lead but do not believe in the Birth of Christ, nor do they want us to even mention it, to honor it in song, etc. And that says nothing about those who believe in virtually nothing and want us to follow their lead by telling us what can or can not be said or displayed. Yes, I do understand that they don't want to feel like they are under attack by evangelism, but they have no problems allowing other events to be programmed in, such as Kwanzai (spelling?). Maybe I am wrong in the way I regard so much about the changes that have been made or want to be made pertaining to one of the most sacred of events in Christianity but that's just the way I feel about it all now. I don't think simply saying "Merry Christmas" is so out of bounds and forcing someone to follow my beliefs, is it?

Omykiss said...

Merry Christmas maggie may. We have a REAL Christmas tree this year thanks to my son-in-law to be. I've never bothered that much with trees. Your three wise men are beautiful...

Rose said...

Oh, don't throw it away, Maggie May! It's lovely. I have ornaments that each of my children made in elementary school with their pictures on them. My oldest son's is falling apart, but each year I tape it or glue it back together. Your nativity scene is a treasure, no matter it's condition.

A moving post, and I couldn't agree more. I have no problem with someone who believes differently than I do, and I am not going to force my beliefs on them. But in turn I don't think they have the right to object to a public Christmas tree or to someone greeting them with a "Merry Christmas." And the commercialism of Christmas....I've often thought how nice it would be to exchange handmade gifts with everyone instead of having to search for just the perfect gift. Of course, no one would want anything I made by hand:)

I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas; I'm glad you will be spending it with your grandsons.

Dr.John said...

One great blog entry. I agree with you. I even like the old Nativity set.
Have a blessed Christmas.

Mean Mom said...

This is my second attempt at leaving a comment, here. No idea what happened to the other one.

I love your old nativity set. It's charming and needs to be treasured.

I'm tired of advertisers trying to brainwash me into buying unnecessary Christmas stuff. Behind all of the things that we are made to feel should be an essential part of our Christmas, is someone trying to make a profit. I'm all for getting back to basics.

Happy Christmas to you!

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Peace to you too dear Maggie, you have had a rough year of it and deserve some joy. Great post and a good reminder of what Christmas is all about. X

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Absolutely agree with you Maggie. Wonderful post and sentiment!
"Felix nativitas sit" - Happy Nativity to you and yours. We've had a superb lead up to Christmas too with all the plays, carol services, markets...I've avoided the shops and it's been really enjoyable! Hx

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Absolutely agree with you Maggie. Wonderful post and sentiment!
"Felix nativitas sit" - Happy Nativity to you and yours. We've had a superb lead up to Christmas too with all the plays, carol services, markets...I've avoided the shops and it's been really enjoyable! Hx

cheshire wife said...

Your hand made family heirlom is lovely. There is nothing wrong with make do and mend. I hope that you have a Happy Christmas.

merry weather said...

Well said -

Christmas is about Hope and People for me. People sharing, connecting without prejudice.

Merry Christmas Maggie!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Maggie I'm sending you and your family my very best wishes for a peaceful Christmas and a happy New Year.

A x

Jeff B said...

Good points and well said.

Merry Christmas to you.

Elizabeth said...

Never even dream of throwing out the old and battered at Christmas!
My 'children' - aged 28 and 30 - still want everything EXACTLY the same as when they were 6 and we made play-dough ornaments and glued glitter on pine cones!!
Have blessed and lovely Christmas.

Cath said...

Maggie you are so good at hitting the nail on the head! And the first person I have come across (not a Jehovah's Witness) who knows that the wise men should not be in the stable! Thank you for writing that - they visited Jesus later when they had got into a house.

I hope you have a very peaceful time. Thanks for all your good wishes. (We don't celebrate but hope you have a relaxing holiday season.) said...

Merry Merry Christmas, Maggie May!! You are right...Jesus IS the Reason for this Season!!!

Anonymous said...

Merry, Merry Christmas. Enjoy this time with your beautiful family. Sending hugs, blessings and peace you way.

david mcmahon said...

That's a lovely post, Maggie.

Love the angle and the composition on your first unicorn shot. You are progressing by leaps and bounds with your camera.

Gone Back South said...

Oh pleeease don't bin it!
I must confess I've been thinking about what you're saying here over the last few days. The rushing around and getting exhausted going through the motions has worn me out, and distracted a little bit from what Christmas is really for. I might do things a bit differently next year.

indicaspecies said...

Greetings of the season to you and your family.:)

I reached here from David's Weekly Interview. Well done!