Tuesday 15 December 2009

Gift and Nativities

I went to the school today to watch the second of the Nativities that my granddaughters were in and when I got back, there was a parcel waiting for me in the porch. On opening it, I found it contained two hand knitted face cloths made from bamboo and a bar of lovely rose soap. This was from my friend Michelle who lives in New Zealand, Mickle's Pickle
I was thrilled to bits and will thank her personally by email.
I am amazed that knitting wool can be made from bamboo! I will be cooling my fevered brow with them soon Michelle.
Such a thoughtful thing to do.

Photos copyright: Maggie May

Nativities have changed considerably these days with bits and pieces added on here and there. This scene was about busy bakers at Christmas time making all the Christmas puddings and cakes. It was a lovely play and eventually the Nativity did come into it in the end.

The other granddaughter was a sheep racing around the shepherd's legs as they were visited by the angel.
It is marvellous to go to these Nativities. I wouldn't normally miss them for the world. I was so pleased that I didn't have to this year because of illness and hospital appointments.


Maria said...

Thinking of you Maggie from Bristol; I remember you every day. Lovely to read your posts!

cheshire wife said...

We have some towels with bamboo in them. It's amazing what they can do these days! Will think of you now when I use them.

Ayak said...

Nativities have cerainly changed over the years. I haven't attended one for many years but my daughter was manager of a Montessori School before she had my grandchild and she used to send me DVDs of their productions. The last one I watched had spacemen and aliens in it...but as with your grandaughters' nativity it did end up with the real thing eventually.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post, Maggie. So long since I saw a nativity, they always amde Christmas for me.

Anonymous said...

I remeber when my youngest came home crying because she was the wall of the stable in the nativity

Mimi said...

I'm glad too, that you didn't have to miss them!
I miss Nativity plays- now that my 3 are in secondary school, they don't do them any more.Christmas just doesn't feel right without them, and at the time you don't realise how quickly it'll pass and how wonderful they are...a bit like Santa really.
I'll get a few carol services instead this year.

Rosaria Williams said...

Precious! No, I wouldn't miss them for anything.

Suldog said...

Bamboo can be woven into washcloths? I learn something new every day! Thanks!

Suburbia said...

I am so glad you could go too. I love watching them, they make my Christmas.

Neither of mine were in one this year. Small Sprog will do his in the summer (not quite the same but a performance nevertheless)But I did get to watch year 4's dress rehearsal last week at school, and it brings a tear to my eye even when the children are not mine!

Hope you could take pics or a video?


Bernie said...

My dishcloths made of bamboo have lasted for several years, and I love them.
How are you feeling Maggie? So happy you were able to attend play to see your grandchildren...Hugs

aims said...

What a lovely surprise you got from NZ! That girl - always up to something!

The Nativity sounded lovely and I bet it brought a couple of tears to your eyes too.

Positive x 3!

Rose said...

How sweet of Michelle! I didn't realize bamboo could be used for knitting either.

I'm so glad, Maggie, that you were able to go to these nativities. Seeing your grandchildren sing is so special, but I know they're happy you were there as well.

We just went to two Christmas programs, too--one at the school and one at church this weekend. Of course, we go for the grandkids and love to watch their faces as they sing. But the programs bring back so many memories, too--all the years of watching my children grow up as they performed in these pageants. You're right, though, that amidst all the familiar parts, there are some new twists. In our church program there were three "camels" doing a rap song:) That had to be a first!

MARY G said...

Bamboo yarn? Must have!
Lovely photo of the little ones; my grandkid's performance is this afternoon.
Thanks for the reminder; must take camera!
Sending hugs!

Anonymous said...

I remember Amy in her first nativity - she played Mary! I was so proud of her, it was a non speaking part but the most important as far as I was concerned!!

CJ xx

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, so lovely!!!! How very proud you must be!! And so glad that you didn't have to miss it!!! Love you! Janine XO

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Face cloths of bamboo - amazing. They look so pretty too.

I have missed the Nativity this year - so pleased you were able to enjoy yours Maggie. A x

SandyCarlson said...

I love the way you live. That is so great your grandchildren have you there. You are wonderful.

Unseen India Tours said...

I loved watching them..Nice

Marian Dean said...

Hi Maggie
I bought a dishwashing cloth from Sainsbury's made out of Bamboo... it was quite pricey, but does the job and is still going strong.
Love the nativity story.
Love Granny

Brian Miller said...

cute sheep...i love kids programs...so cute. and gifts are always nice.

kanishk said...

Lovely to read your posts!
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