Thursday 24 June 2010


Photos Copyright: Maggie May

I have always loved wind chimes......... Well with a Japanese influence in the family it is no surprise that I have been introduced to them over the years. Now they seem to be popular in England too.
I already had several small ones that I accumulated over the years, as well as a large wooden one that I rescued from a neglected garden that I was once tending.

I quite love the sound of them gently chiming out in the breeze. I find it very soothing.
There was only ever one neighbour who referred to them as noise pollution in a half hearted kind of way but she has moved out of the area now.... not because of my wind chimes, I might add.
Anyway, last Sunday after Church, I was very surprised to be presented with the large chimes in the first photo, from a lovely friend who has just come back from a Cornish holiday.
They have a really lovely mellow sound. She said she thought I would like them!

I have been, and still am very busy looking after Amber and Millie while Sam is in Southampton. It has been an action packed week but my energy levels are quite high and I am only tired by the end of the day, which I think of as normal tiredness.
We have had some lovely conversations, the girls and I....... done spelling revision and looked up things on the net for homework projects and I have taken them in the late afternoons to their after school activities, fed and bathed them and wished they'd go to bed earlier.
They have helped me feed and clean out Ash the rabbit and kept him entertained.
They have spoken to their Daddy on the phone every morning and Skyped every evening, so I think they have had as much of an action packed week as Granddad and I have done.

Sam comes home late on Friday afternoon. He has passed the tests so far this week, though his important exams will be when he goes again to Southampton for the third session, as yet at an unknown date.

I surprised my self by signing up to do two evenings a week in the after school club, starting from next week. If it is too much for me, then I can reduce the hours but I can also go back to my four nights if I feel up to it later on. I will not be going back to lunch times yet as I have to adjust to things very slowly after being at home for so long.


Mickle in NZ said...

Such beautiful chimes, and your garden is looking lovely. It must be so nice to get out and enjoy it after all the mess from fixing the kitchen problems.

And great to read that you are easing yourself back into past work activities, a sensible little at a time. You can try it out and then enjoy the Summer School Holidays. Meanwhile you've had help with Ash's care and cuddles.

Well done, dear Maggie - and to Harry and Sam.

XXXXX Michelle and from Zebbycat purrrrumbles

Word Veri = Hapsy!!!

Akelamalu said...

I have a very similar wind chime to that first one in my hall and umpteen different ones in the garden. The sound they make in the breeze when one is sitting enjoying the sunshine is just beautiful! :)

Sueann said...

Such beautiful chimes...I bet they sound wonderful!!
And glad you are enjoying yourself. I am sure it is a good tired

CiCi said...

You do have a collection of chimes. That was nice of your friend to bring you the large chimes to add to your collection. We could not have them here, the wind is so strong people don't have furniture or things hanging much here, terrible strong winds.

Suldog said...

I have to be honest and tell you I feel just a bit as your neighbor did. Not that I don't find the sound quite lovely; I do. But, that's during the day. I had a neighbor who had a few on his back porch and at night, while I was trying to drift off to sleep, when a strong wind came up... well, it was like having an alarm clock go off. I had to choose between hearing them or closing the window and getting no air.

Of course, we live in a neighborhood where the houses are very close together, so maybe that was the problem. I never said anything, as he was a nice fellow overall, and he took them down finally. Maybe another neighbor complained, or maybe he was finally disturbed by them, or...

Very pretty sounds in a garden during the day, though, that's for sure.

Bernie said...

Maggie you sound wonderful, healthy and positive. I loved this post.

I too love chimes and have 4 sets them, 1 out front and 3 in my garden area. I find the sounds so comforting.

I am glad the girls visit is going so much better this time. You are creating wonderful memories with them as well as helping your son.

So you are ready to go back at the school club....good for you Maggie.
Now don't over do it okay.

Keeping you and Harry in my heart and prayers always......:-) Hugs

Anonymous said...

I too love wind chimes though it took a while to get used to mine. Now they hang in the Lilac tree next to the boird feeder and it does not seem to bother them one jot.

Do please take care not to over do it, young lady.

Chic Mama said...

I love wind chimes too...something so soothing about them. We live on top of a hill so they take some bashing.
So pleased that you are feeling well enough to do the afternoon clubs. Lovely news. X

Eddie Bluelights said...

Well "ring my chimes". I love them.
Your friend was very generous - what a nice thought.

Glad you are able to cope with the girls and your energy levels are OK.
Luv Eddie

Sniffles and Smiles said...

I love chimes, too! And your new chimes look very like mine!! Such a beautiful sound. I'm glad that you are taking your time getting back into things. Less overwhelming that way. I still find myself trying to pace myself as I can still get easily overwhelmed. And I am very happy to hear that you are having such a wonderful time with your granddaughters!!! That's wonderful! Love you remain daily in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Janine XO

Ayak said...

Maggie I'm delighted to hear that you are feeling so well that you are managing to enjoy looking after your grandchildren, without getting too tired.
This has been quite an ordeal for which I have followed and hoped every day would hurry up and end. It seems now that you are well on the way to full recovery and that's wonderful.
Lots of Love
Linda x

Brenda said...

I'm sure it feels great to get back into a schedule after all that you have been through.

I love wind chimes too and usually have some outside a window. How nice to get a gift of some.

RNSANE said...

Wind chimes are so lovely but, in my neighborhood, with no space separating houses, I don't think they would be met with enthusiasm at all. Your garden sounds like a wonderful place and passing time there on a nice sunny day, listening to twinkling wind chimes and sipping a cup of tea, would be such a peaceful thing.

Sounds like you are busier than busy with your granddaughters and their activities...but you sound well and that is wonderful, Maggie!

Love to you.

RNSANE said...

Wind chimes are so lovely but, in my neighborhood, with no space separating houses, I don't think they would be met with enthusiasm at all. Your garden sounds like a wonderful place and passing time there on a nice sunny day, listening to twinkling wind chimes and sipping a cup of tea, would be such a peaceful thing.

Sounds like you are busier than busy with your granddaughters and their activities...but you sound well and that is wonderful, Maggie!

Love to you.

Irene said...

I'm sure wind chimes would drive my neighbors crazy. They already complain about everything now. I'm afraid to go out back in case there's something wrong again. I would have them otherwise.

Great that you are having activities again in the evening and that you had a good time with the grandkids. You sound like a fun grandmother and I'm sure Harry does his share too. Ash is providing some entertainment as well.

I hope Sam passes his exams, but I have a feeling he will. I hope he doesn't have to wait too long.


Suburbia said...

Wow Maggie you sound so busy and so well and so full of life, lovely to read. Good luck to Sam

Monalisa said...

Glad to read you are well enough to go back to work. Take it easy.

Anonymous said...

My Aunt has chimes in her garden and I admit, they sound fabulous :0)

Mimi said...

Hi Maggie, I love chimes too! But I've never had success with them, they seem to tangle on me, then rust.
I might try new ones after reading your post- it's been a few years and maybe they've improved.
Delighted to hear your energy is improving, but also that you're taking things gradually.

Jackie said...

I am soooo delighted that Amber and Millie are with you....and I know that you are all having a good time. Do they love Ash...(that's a silly question?...but just wanted to ask it!! :)) )
Your garden is so pretty, Maggie. Daddy wants chimes...and I would like to buy him some. There are so many types....styles....and I'm not as familiar with them as I would like to be.
Continue to take care of I know you are doing.
I send you my love...

Marguerite said...

Beautiful wind chimes and such a thoughtful gift. I have a huge collection of wind chimes, both inside and out, and find them quite soothing. Glad that you are doing so well! Cheers! Marguerite

Mean Mom said...

One of my neighbours has wind chimes and I enjoy the sound. I'm glad they don't all have them, though! What a thought!

I'm so glad that things are looking up for you. Take it easy.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Maggie, great to see you are progressing well. This is such good news. I think you pack in a huge amount into your day that I don't manage in a week!

Re the chimes, I spent a lot of time on projects in the States and wind chimes are very popular there. I bought a few and was given one as a gift. Just lovely on a sunny day with a gentle breeze. Your garden looks wonderful.

Working Mum said...

I have some windchimes called "chimes of Bali" and the five notes are the notes of the gamalan musical scale used in Indonesia. Reminds me of a holiday we had there once. I love them.

Sounds like a sensible way to ease back into work. I expect you've missed it. Hope it goes well. Don't forget - children are exhausting, so if you do need to cut back, don't beat yourself up about it.

Rosaria Williams said...

It must a divine symphony in your garden, with such beautiful sound makers. Good to see you are up and about.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Just stopping by to say "hi!" to one of my most favorite ladies! Hope you had a beautiful Monday! Love you, Janine XO

Anonymous said...

What lovely chimes... and they make such charming music too.

aims said...

I love chimes too Maggie. Remember when they had glass wind chimes? I recall walking down the street and the sound of the tinkling glass following me along the way.

I don't know how many chimes I have in our big yard - I've lost count at the moment. I'll have to go find out. My neighbours like the sounds and they haven't said anything about them when they are clashing about in a high wind.

To me they bring peace and I love to sit with my eyes closed and let their sound wash over me.

I especially like to hear them at night at I drift off to sleep. They make me feel good - a concept that is often hard to find in our lives.

Nessa said...

I have the same chimes as you. I love chimes.

Hilary said...

I've always loved wind chimes too. We used to have tinkly glass ones when I was a child and I still miss that particular sound.

Good to hear that your strength has returned. That pleases me to know. :)