Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year

Photo Copyright: Maggie May

Like the photo of the steps leading through the archway, for most of us the way to the top and round the corner is unknown. I wonder what this unknown New Year will have in store for us?
Last year seemed a struggle with health issues for us and I wasn't sure that I would make 2011. Now here we are again standing on the threshold of another year.

When my daughter arrived here for Christmas, my youngest grandson came with a terrible cough and cold and a high temperature and didn't feel well enough to appreciate Christmas. Within a very short time, Deb caught it from Dean and Rick wasn't too well either.
Sam, my son, is now really ill with the same thing but so far, anyway, Harry and I keep chugging on.
Deb goes back to the east coast on Monday so I am hoping that she will feel better for the remaining days.

My little rabbit, Lily, started trying to mount Ash, her foster brother, again and he didn't like it at all. She was one very determined lady. Details of the last time it happened in my post here.
This time she was even more persistent so I rang the vet and asked her if she could spay a 4 month old rabbit as soon as possible.
There was a vacancy for the operation on the very next day.
So off I went last Thursday with my randy little rabbit in a carrier. I was almost tearful to leave her to this awful operation and was wondering how Ash would cope without her, too.
However, Ash enjoyed all the extra pampering and feeding of treats and was only a bit sullen as he sat hunched in his cage waiting for her return.
Three o'clock (the pick up hour) slowly crept round and off we went to collect her from the vets.
We'd had strict instructions that they should not be together for the next ten days so we are back to square one, with the large run divided. The rabbits can see each other and sniff and kiss but that is all.
Lily was very sleepy and tense when we brought her back and she'd been drugged with pain relief and antibiotics.
I knew I had to get her drinking and eating as soon as possible.
I got up in the night and dipped my finger in her drink and let her lick the water off. She refused all food though. She seemed grateful that I was trying to help her.She looked at me for a long time and then came over to be nearer and enjoyed being smoothed. Then she went over to her water bowl and took a few sips.
Next morning she did seem brighter and ate a few mouthfuls of greens and some hay. Just a few mouthfuls.
So the New Year will be a new beginning for her too. Hopefully she will turn into the little sister and companion that Ash needed.

I'd just like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and to tell you all how much it means to me that you follow my blog and faithfully comment.
May the coming year be kind to you all.
Incidentally, it is going to be the year of the rabbit in the Chinese New Year.


Unknown said...

Happy New Year Maggie!

Ayak said...

It's good to leave 2010 behind..not one of my best years...and certainly not one of yours. I'm feeling more optimistic about 2011. I hope you are too.
I love it that it's the year of the rabbit...very appropriate!

Happy New Year Maggie xxx

Irene said...

I don't think 2010 has been a bad year and certainly not for you. You did beat cancer. That's a wonderful thing to be grateful for. For me personally it turned out to be a good year too. It had its up and downs, but more ups than downs. I wish you all the best for 2011 and wish Lily a speedy recovery and your sick relatives too.


Gail Is This Mutton? said...

Happy New Year Maggie. May it be blessed with good health and happiness.

Sueann said...

Oh how I love the stories of Ash and Lily! I hope she recovers quickly and is the sister Ash needs and wants.
Happy New Year dear friend!!

Anonymous said...

Hugs love, good health and non randy rabbits in 2011

CiCi said...

Yay, Maggie, that is a great photo.
I am so glad you did make it through 2010, my dear. Lily had an overabundance of hormones. Glad she is recovering and things can settle down for Ash and Lily now. Best wishes to you and Harry in the year of the rabbit.

Debbie said...

Happy New Year to you too..Hope all your family gets well, and your little bunny heals quickly!

Jinksy said...

Rabbits Rule OK, then, eh Maggie? Hope 2011 is good for you and them, and that your family's germs get beaten into submission real soon!

Suburbia said...

I really hope you can avoid all the gems.

Best wishes for the new year to you all x

cheshire wife said...

Leave the bugs to the younger generation.

A Happy New Year to you and your family.

secret agent woman said...

I love that photo -such a great capture of the uncertainty and the lure of life. Happy New Year!

Celia said...

Welcome 2011 and Happy New Year Maggie. 2010 was a quite a ride and yet here we are. What a beautiful photo, I want to see what's up the stairs.

Hilary said...

Poor little bunny. I hope everyone is feeling better before too long. Lovely photo, Maggie. I wish you and yours a very Happy New Year!

Helen said...

Happy New Year, Miss Maggie!!!!

Jackie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the sickness in your family. It seems to be going 'round.....It's here too...sigh. My son has it now...and I think I'm getting it too. It's been through my daughter's family.... I do hope that your family is on the mend, Maggie.
I read each word regarind Lily and Ash. How can one get tears waaaaay over here regarding a sweet bunny waaaaay over there? I don't know...but it happened. When you had to leave her behind for her surgery, my heart was right there with you....tugging...when she gave Ash the bunny kiss through the divided cage...and when she was sleepy and tense. Then, when she licked the water from your finger, my heart melted...and as I read I am thinking, 'Please, please...let her be OK.' I smiled as I read that she began drinking and eating a bit...and I do hope that she continues to eat and drink and gets completely well. In the meanwhile, know that I not only wish the best for your sweet babies...but you know that I wish a healthy, happy and blessed new year for you, Maggie.
Much love,

Jules~ said...

Hi there Maggie. So sorry there has been sickness amongst your family during all the visiting. I pray for excellent health to happen now with bursts of energy for all.

Sweet little Lily, she sound a bit cafofelled by the physical and attitude adjustment at the moment but I know she will bounce back and be the better for it. I know it was a hard decision for you to make.

Blessings to you today.

mrsnesbitt said...

Happy New Yeat yo you and yours Maggie xxxx

SandyCarlson said...

Happy New Year, my friend!

I hope all goes well with the bunny and that all are feeling well.

Anonymous said...

That last line had me laughing!

Sounds as if the new year is off to a good start. I wish you a happy and healthy one!

Bernie said...

Happy New Year to you, Harry and your family. Much good health and happiness my friend....not quite sure what Lily may think of the start to her New Year but I am sure Ash appreciates

Eddie Bluelights said...

Great that Lily is back safely. Hope that does the trick.
Happy New Year
Luv Eddie

Moannie said...

2010 has been a difficult year for so many of us, in different ways. I hope for you and me and every one that 2011 will be a doozy.


Akelamalu said...

Most of my family and friends have had that dreaded bug too but thankfully it seems to have bypassed MWM and I.

Just wanted to wish you and yours a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year Maggie. x

Happy Frog and I said...

I hope the year of the rabbit is a really excellent on for you, your family and your little charges. :-)

Expat mum said...

Just wondering - when I got our dog she had just been spayed and had one of those plastic collars on to keep her from licking her stitches. What do they do for rabbits?
Anyway, Happy New Year Maggie.

Rose said...

I'm glad that Lily's operation went well--hopefully this will make Ash's life a little easier, too. I just noticed, too, that this is the year of the rabbit--how appropriate!

Sorry to hear about your family's illnesses--it seems that Christmas time is the worst time for kids getting the flu and viruses. I hope they're all well soon.

May 2011 bring you health and happiness, Maggie May!

Suldog said...

Happy New Year, Maggie! May 2011 bring all sorts of wonderful blessings!

Brian Miller said...

nice. happy new year...full of possibility...hope everything goes well for lily...

Deb said...

Happy New Year Maggie ! My life took a few sharp zigs and zags over the last few months so my blog had to take a backseat but I am back. I missed my blogging friends. I loved catching up on all of your posts and photos. Wishing you only the best in 2011. Take care.

Mimi said...

Dear Maggie, Happy 2011 to you and all the family!
Don't know how I missed this post, but now I've got both sides of the door, so all is well.
I hope 2011 will be a healthy and fun year for you. Also for the 2 rabbits; can't believe it'll be year of the rabbit, but I tell you, I am not getting another one- our garden is nice and peaceful now, though I do sometimes miss Crash.
That Lily is some girl! Maybe she's the other Maggie May!!