Saturday, 23 April 2011

Happy Easter

Photo Copyright: Maggie May

Today I am writing this post before my two children and four grandchildren wake up. There is no indication, at present that there are so many people in my house.
Soon it will be a very different story as they get up one by one.
Granddad is the first up. He has already gone downstairs to feed the rabbits.
In the space of just one week, he is such a different person to the suffering man he was last week.
He is not in so much pain now and he seems to be walking much better. Harry is not on strong medication but the first lot of tablets that were prescribed made him feel quite ill. The ones he is taking now, suit him very well.
I am not so scared of him going out by himself and he will soon pop to the newsagent for his paper.

The weather has been just like summer. The temperatures up in the twenties centigrade. Today, we have the possibility of rain, but there is no sign of it so far and the temperature is quite pleasant.

We have had a riot in Bristol that has made the headlines on The National News and in the newspapers..... all to do with a supermarket that was built in an area where the local people did not want it. Well, I wasn't aware of the commotion, though it went on all the night before last
and there must have been the noise of helicopters, sirens and such like passing through. That seems to have calmed down now but there is still strong feeling about the supermarket.

Millie, the youngest grandchild has just got up....... quickly followed by her sister, Amber.
The boys are not so eager to rouse these days. Teens seem to need more sleep and don't go to bed early enough.
I must rescue Granddad. He cannot understand why the whole world doesn't get up at the crack of dawn, though he seems to be struggling to do so himself, these days.
He will be getting the breakfasts for the girls.

Soon, this post will be old hat. However I will not be writing another one this side of Easter. The boys won't be be going home until Sunday.
Schools are on holiday for at least another week and the Royal Wedding on Friday has caused us to have yet another day off...... so the holiday stretches on.

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter.
I will try and catch up with reading blogs and commenting when I get a quiet moment. I am sure there will be some ...... or is that wishful thinking?


Mya said...

Have a lovely time with your family, Maggie. So glad that Harry seems to be in less pain. Happy Easter - and don't hold back on the chocolate!
Mya x

Akelamalu said...

So glad to hear that Harry is feeling better. :)

Have a lovely weekend with your grandchildren Maggie. Two of ours will be arriving in an hour or two to spend the afternoon with us - that'll be fun! ;)

The weather has been just wonderful hasn't it? :0

VioletSky said...

Enjoy the frivolity that ensues with a houseful of children!
Glad to hear that Harry is feeling so much better.

CiCi said...

What kind of food do you feed your rabbits? We have untamed rabbits in our yard along with squirrels and other critters and they all get along well, sometimes eating on top of or under the picnic table in the yard we use to feed them. I have tried lettuce, carrots, apples, and the rabbits don't seem interested in that. I am contemplating going to the feed store for rabbit pellets. I will have to research that some more though. If the rabbit pellets are just the same thing as grass, they have lots of that in the yard, and they spend lots of time eating the grass. Since you are my rabbit expert, I thought I would ask your advice.

Hope you and Harry enjoy your Easter with your family.

CorvusCorax12 said...

Have a wonderful Easter with your Family

Sueann said...

I too am reading this before the household wakes up. I hear faint sounds of breathing coming from the various sleepers in the house. Grandkids and DIL and gramps. All sounds asleep; dreaming of candy and coffee! Ha!!
I love this time of the morning and knowing I have a house filled with love. 'Tis special for sure. As you well know.
Happy Easter my dearest friend. Enjoy you love filled life this weekend.
Hugging you

Sandi McBride said...

Happy Easter to you and your entire family! So glad your Mister Harry is feeling better these days...nothing quite ruins a day like a constant pain! Can not wait till my granddaughter arrives, she'll wear me out but its a good tired at the end of the day!
Enjoy your brood!
hugs from across the pond

Irene said...

Have a Happy Easter with your loved ones, Maggie. I'm glad that Harry is doing better. He will be able to stand a house full of people a lot better too. Snuggle your rabbits from me.


Sally Wessely said...

I'm so glad to hear that your husband is doing so much better.

I guess you won't have to worry about the Easter bunny finding your house. Enjoy the time with your family. Happy Easter. said...

Happy Easter, Maggie! With your houseful of Blessings...I know you will~


Brian Miller said...

i am glad he is doing better and enjoy all that family...i hope all of you have an incredible easter!

What About The Girl? said...

Have a Blessed Easter, Maggie May!

secret agent woman said...

Have a lovely Easter and enjoy the time with your family.

Bernie said...

Happy Easter sweet lady, may you and your family enjoy the season, the beautiful weather and oh I am so excited for the big wedding next week.....I am going to set my alarm clock to watch on TV. I do hope the weather stays as nice for their big day......:-)Hugs

Eddie Bluelights said...

Happy Easter to you all and very pleased that Harry is not suffering like he did last week. Must get together soon - love Eddie x

Nessa said...

Happy Easter and enjoy your family time.

Clare Dunn said...

Glad you are feeling better, Harry! and Happy to hear you all had a good Easter morning.

Our best to you!
xoxoxo, c & j

Anonymous said...

Hope you've had a great time with your family!

Suldog said...

A trifle late, but... Happy Easter!

Suburbia said...

I have been away for a while, so catching up now. Glad Harry is feeling better