Tuesday 6 December 2011

A Taste Of Summer

Photo Copyright: Maggie May

Lets have a taste of summer, shall we?
I expect you will remember Clare Dunn did a painting of this summer photo of a corner of my garden some time ago and I promised that I would show a picture of it when it was framed.
I am very pleased with the result but have fiddled and fiddled to try to get a good photo of the picture in the frame and it looks more of a yellowy green in the photo than it does in reality. As I don't ever touch up photos, there is nothing that I can do about it....... except to say that I am very pleased with the result of the actual picture in the frame.
The light is shining in the wrong places, no matter what I try to do.
I am not a very good photographer, Clare.

Well in reality, we are far from summer and I am suddenly realising how near Christmas is and how little I have done about it. So now I am furiously trying to catch up and get things organised before my daughter and grandsons arrive the week before the holiday begins.

I went shopping in town today and probably, because of the bad state of finance in the whole of Europe, including England, there were not as many crowds about as usual, so I was finished in good time. I think one more trip to town should just about do it.
Anyway, although it is a bit chilly, the sun is bravely trying to shine through, which is really weird for December.

I have been busy helping my son with his house, sometimes just house sitting while he goes out because of an expected delivery. There is also a party to help with this week as youngest granddaughter is having a 7th Birthday. This is the first time they've been able to have a party at home, so there is a lot of planning and organising to do. Our friend, Audrey is helping and has come up with some really good ideas.
I have had a poorly rabbit to contend with and every morning, I have to trick Lily into thinking she is coming out for a cuddle and having to surreptitiously pop a syringe of antibiotic into her mouth. No easy task as she knows what I am going to do.
I am trying to finish the little Nativity figures that I started knitting last year, so one way or another, blogging has taken a back seat.

Harry has finished chemo 10 and took a long time to get over it compared to all the others. I think he had reached his endurance limit. However, he is now getting stronger. I am also a bit more energetic than I was, so lets hope we all stay well till the New Year at least and well beyond would be good.


Ayak said...

It's a lovely picture Maggie. Hope Lily gets well soon and am pleased to hear that Harry is getting stronger and you have a bit more energy. Sending much love to you both...take good care of yourselves xxx

Sandi McBride said...

All in all the painting brings good tidings...prayers for Lily and seems that Harry's prayers are being answered daily! You know we are always pleased to have good news from you, Mags!

Jackie said...

Thinking of you and Harry as you continue your treatments. I do wish that I lived closer, my friend. I would do more for you both. I absolutely would.
I am sad to hear that sweet Lily has been under the weather; please, give her a bunny hug from me.
I love you, my friend.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Gorgeous painting!! Love I a glimpse of summer on a rainy day! Hoping you and Harry have a wonderful holiday season!

Celia said...

Lovely reminder of summer as we adjust to colder grayer days. Our temps are unusually cold for this time of year. So glad to hear you are getting out and about and that Harry is better. Pass around the hand sanitizer while the little ones are around, our cherished grandkids are little petri dishes :-) Sending you healing thoughts and my prayers.

Bernie said...

Oh Maggie I am happy to hear that you and Harry are feeling better. It is wonderful that your children and grandchildren will be with you for the holidays, its all about family Maggie, the shopping can wait.
Hope Lily feels better soon, and I love your painting. Sending warm hugs..:-)

Eddie Bluelights said...

Great painting by Clare and well framed - looks really good.
Hope to get together soon - hope Harry recovers quickly after Chemo 10 and glad you are feeling stronger. Love Eddie x

Rosaria Williams said...

That is a beautiful painting, indeed, to treasure now and forever. Hope all your preparations for the holidays don't wear you thin, as they would tire me, for sure.
Happy Birthday to the little one and Happy Holidays to all of you.

Irene said...

I'm so glad that you are feeling more energetic and I hope that Harry recovers from his chemotherapy quickly. I hope you will both be able to enjoy the holidays to the fullest with your family. I'd say that you have a busy time ahead of you, but it sounds like you're up to it and that's great. XOX

Hilary said...

I'm hoping that you, Harry and the bunny will be feeling great soon and for a good, long while.

The artwork looks lovely framed.. nicely done.

CiCi said...

Lets hope you and Harry stay well past the new year and into the next and the next. You have had your share and more. The picture does look great in the frame.I am sending good thoughts to your house for strength and health so you have a joyous holiday season.

Pauline said...

I hope your whole family is fit and well enough to enjoy your Christmas celebrations. The painting is beautiful, a real treasure.

Clare Dunn said...

Oh, Maggie, I think you did a marvelous job with the photography! It is incredibly difficult to manage the glare from the glass, and you seem to have done it!

Whenever you look at the painting, remember that I am thinking of you, and wishing you beautiful Summer Days always.

Love to Harry, and Lily, too!
xoxoxo, Clare

VioletSky said...

I am glad that you are feeling more energetic and are being so useful with house sitting and bunny cuddling!

Sueann said...

I love hearing that you both are feeling so much stronger!! Yeah!!
Tis a beautiful picture Maggie!!
Hugs and love

Rose said...

What a lovely painting! This will be a cheery reminder of bright summer days every time you look at it. Glad to hear Harry is doing better and that you've been so involved in different activities. Christmas is such a busy time, though I love it, that it's hard to keep up with blogging. I know I'll be around much more in January when there is less to do. Oh, and an early Happy Birthday to your granddaughter!

Jeni said...

That really is a beautiful photo -and painting! The news on the chemo front is very encouraging too. Always good to see some improvements whether small or large, isn't it? I need to get my fat fanny in gear to finish -I hope -a few more embroidery projects, have a small "open house" sort of, to see if I can sell any of those things along with doing a lot of baking -and cooking -for upcoming church events this month too! By the time Dec. 26th arrives, I'll probably stay camped for several days on the couch to recuperate!

Suburbia said...

Fantastic that you are feeling more well for Christmas, except poor bunny of course. I can't imagine how you are getting the medicine down her!

Lovely painting

Good luck for the birthday party :-)

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you have more energy!

That is a stunning photo!

secret agent woman said...

I'm glad your husband is done with this round of his chemo and gradually resting up.

Brian Miller said...

i think it a wonderful picture...and warm on a very cold day here...done with the shopping here and wrapped...i am glad to hear some good news for you as well...smiles.

Akelamalu said...

The painting looks lovely in it's frame!

Good to hear Harry has finished chemo and is recovering.

I'm way behind with Christmas preparations having been away on holiday for a week. Must get cracking this week.

Jayne said...

I think the picture looks lovely and it really works with that colour frame. Perfect!

It all sounds busy for you, and I am glad you are feeling a bit more energetic. Yay! I am glad Harry is feeling stronger too.

Here it is sunny as well, although it has been blustery and cold. No snow on the horizon as yet though. :)