Tuesday 24 April 2012

Random Acts Of Kindness

Photo Copyright: Maggie May

Most people in England will be touched by the random acts of kindness that have followed the sudden death of Claire Squires who  had almost completed The London Marathon when she fell dead. She was in her thirties and this was a completely unexpected happening as she was thought to be robust and healthy.

She was running in aid of The Samaritans, an organisation that helps people in despair talking through their problems on the phone.
She had chosne this charity because her younger brother had taken his life when he was only twenty five.
Claire had hoped to raise a few hundred pounds, but since her death, people have been donating to the cause, in memory and admiration of her and the sum in now running into thousands.

I was listening to our local radio station today and inspired by Claire, they were speaking about acts of  kindness by strangers and some of the people who were ringing in had wonderful stories to tell. One man had donated a kidney to a perfect stranger who he would never meet and that unselfish act had made him feel a part of the larger picture of humanity and he felt happier.
This was only one of many stories that touched my heart.
I thought of all the horrible things that we are forced to hear on the media daily and I really wish that there was some way of having more of these acts of selflessness on the media to counteract the bad things that we are being bombarded with every time we switch on.
Yes there is still much kindness in the world but its a pity that it is not publicised more and that mostly it all goes unnoticed.
One of the little things I did do recently, though not anything near as important as giving a kidney, was to thank the man who helped me to get my bin emptied via the council. You can see the post I wrote about my on going problem here. I eventually was able to email the Council to ask them to thank this young man by name for his empathy, for listening to me rant with great patience and for effectively getting my garden waste emptied on the actual collection day. They replied that they would be passing on my message.
We must give credit where its due. 


Anonymous said...

So glad you got your bin sorted out.

I hadn't heard about Claire, but so glad she has inspired people to help so that her sad story at least has brought some good.

Formerly known as Frau said...

I love the whole pay it forward random act of kindness....I think the world would be a kinder place if we all thought more of others. Have wonderful day!

Irene said...

You're right, it would be better if good news got some attention on the media instead of only the god awfl stories. There are lots of people doing lots of good things out there but it goes unnoticed by us, the general public. There should be a good news show. xox

CiCi said...

For a long while I have been wishing we could hear about the good things done in life and not just focus on the horrible things in life. There are so many inhumane and unkind acts that get so much publicity. I think I like living in this small town because the nice things are passed along by word of mouth, we are all being fed good things and not hearing about the horrible things.

Suldog said...

It's so nice that people will do things for strangers. And it feels very good when you do so, too. I sometimes like to go down a row of parking meters and feed those that have run out of time, to save the poor folks who might get a ticket. It's not a big thing, but it probably saved one of two folks from a bad day.

Hilary said...

Such a sad story about Clair and an unfortunate way to raise so much money but that is indeed the silver lining.

I'm glad your bin was sorted out and so nice of you to make sure that the individual who helped you knows he was appreciated.

Jackie said...

I didn't know about Claire, either. I'm so sorry to hear of her untimely death.
I'm glad to hear that your trash bin emptying problem has been taken care of.
I love it when acts of kindnesses are shown.
Love you, my sweet friend.

Suburbia said...

Here here Maggie, it would lovely hear more positive news.

So pleased your refuse collection is sorted.

Akelamalu said...

It's just so tragic what happened to Claire but so much good has been done in her memory.

Rosaria Williams said...

Glad to hear the refuse bin problem was taken care of.

Mimi said...

Maggie, I hadn't heard about Claire, but I don't listen to the news a lot, cos I got fed up of hearing about murders and gangland killings.

I'm all with you about acts of kindness not featuring on news; they say that bad news sells papers, but I'd prefer to buy good news. I feel the same when newspapers do stories about drunken teens- the teens I know in band are great kids, they're up there every Sunday morning playing music and meeting their friends. Yes they may have a few drinks on Saturday night, but they honour their responsibilities the next morning, even if they've been partying.
Delighted that guy helped out with your bin, you're v. good to email them, and it is important to acknowledge good attitude at workplaces.
Sorry for long comment, rant over!

Secret Agent Woman said...

Glad you got th ecompost issue resolved.

And I love hearing about people doing good things for others.

Expat mum said...

You are so right. Random acts of kindness make both giver and recipient feel good and there's nothing wrong with that.
I feel terribly sorry for the parents who have now lost two children. As you know Maggie, no matter how old we are and how old our children are, you're still a parent.

Bernie said...

Yes I read about Claire's story and my heart fell to my stomach, and to see the good and donations come out of her death has made me proud of the human race. We need more kindness in our world and you are very much one of the kindest people Maggie, such a wonderful wife, mother and grandmother.....:-)Hugs

Sueann said...

That is great news about the bin. And also the news of the random acts of kindness. It would make the world a different place is they reported about things like that more often.

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

Your post really touched a nerve with me because I firmly believe the media should give us more good news, instead of the relentless drip feed of bad news, often poorly reported in scaremongering language and giving people the wrong perceptions.
I'm very glad you found someone who listened and managed to sort out your bin problem!

MARY G said...

Yea for the kind young man and regular dust bin emptying.

Our local paper has one page once a week for 'good' or inspiring news. Pity it's not the other way around.

The parents of the runner have now lost two children; I cannot imagine the pain.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

I too have not heard of Claire but sounds like she was a remarkable woman and will be truly missed.

I love doin' acts of kindness, especially anonymously.

Have yourself a perfectly blessed day sweetie!!!

cheshire wife said...

People are amazingly generous when tragedy strikes.

Good to hear that you have got the emptying of your bin sorted out.

Celia said...

Sad to lose such a remarkable young woman. She'll be an inspiration for a long time to come. Glad your bin problem is sorted.

Rose said...

I hadn't heard this story, but the outpouring of kind acts afterwards is so wonderful. I wish, too, there was more reporting of good news like this.

Glad to hear your rubbish bin problem has been resolved. I think your thanking the young man who helped was great and much appreciated by him. I often think little gestures like this change people's attitudes more than we realize.