Tuesday 3 December 2013

A Mixed Bag Of Events

Photo Copyright: Maggie May

I can't believe that a whole fortnight has gone by since my last post. It seems to be a busy time of the year and now Christmas seems to be really looming ever closer.

This little canine, Poppy, came round to see us last week. She belongs to my brother and sister in law and is a very intelligent and energetic little dog. It was probably the first of many visits to come, as I was not able to let her in before because I had house rabbits and she is a natural predator, being a Jack Russell Terrier bred to dig out small furry creatures.

Not long ago, the lady from the small animal rescue centre where I signed over my beloved pets, rang me to say that they had been adopted, after being in her care for about 9 weeks. I should have been over the moon, but the fact that I would never hear about them again which meant complete closure, sent me spiralling downwards into a depression.
At the time, I really felt it was for the best, letting them go, because of our uncertain health problems but I really did start to question whether I'd done the right thing and I just hope they have gone on to a good, loving home that will be permanent.
At least they haven't gone as a Christmas present to small children. They are with a mature couple with a grown up daughter with no dogs or cats to frighten them. However, they will be living as outside pets. The weather has been mild enough for them to grow thicker winter coats before the really cold weather comes, which is a blessing.
I hope I'll eventually get over this but it is very difficult and I feel I've made a great personal sacrifice by giving them up.

On a brighter note, it seems that Harry and I will be definitely celebrating our Golden Wedding very soon. It didn't seem very likely a short while ago with all our health issues and scares etc.
To mark the occasion, we have decided on a lunch time meal in a restaurant with our brother and sister in law who own Poppy and who will be celebrating their own Golden Wedding in March.
Fifty years seems a very long time....... doesn't it?

This is the time of the year when the children have concerts at school and the younger ones have Christmas plays and festivities, that I'm looking forward to going to.  There are also Carol Services at church and Christmas dinners to attend.
This all helps to get me into the festive spirit, though I feel that the shops all start decorating far too early. None the less, once December is here, then I start to get involved with practical things and expectancy, never forgetting the real reason for Christmas in the first place.
I won't be be putting up decorations just yet though. When do others trim up?


Jackie said...

I just know that your sweet bunnies have a loving and wonderful home, Maggie. To think that someone took the time to seek them out and take them to their home should bring you much comfort. They will be happy, and I know that will make you happy to know that.
The J.R. is adorable. You will have much fun with his visits, I'm sure. They are indeed a "wild child"...It's the breed. Cute as a button, though.
Regarding decorating for Christmas, we will probably do that later on this week or this weekend. I know a lot of people already have their tree up, etc., but we aren't that industrious.
Please, tell me the date of your golden anniversary. Please. I send you both early happy wishes, kisses, and lots and lots of hugs.
I love you both,

Brian Miller said...

smiles...i am glad you will see that anniversary together...what a milestone...its hard to make those decisions as well..and i hope your pets have gone to a good home that will love and care for them...

Rosaria Williams said...

Golden Anniversary? Wow! Congratulations, you two. This is a huge accomplishment, and unlike birthdays, this is a milestone that you two created, day after day, year after year. Your commitment to be there for each other is what this is all about, and with each challenge you chose to work out together. Blessings and best luck for the new year.

Hilary said...

I totally understand the sacrifice you made for your bunnies and why. And you did do the right thing. The fact that the shelter had them for nine weeks before allowing them to be adopted tells me that they were sent to a good home where they'll be loved and cared for. And although I don't think animals pine and reminisce the way that we do, I do believe that they'll always keep some sort of memory of the beautiful lady who loved and tended to them so dearly.

Congrats to you and Harry on 50 years of marriage. What a wonderful milestone that is. Enjoy your celebration with family.

And that's an awfully cute little Jack Russell Terrorist. :)

Expat mum said...

I'm sure your bunnies will be fine Maggie.
And I haven't put our tree up yet. To be honest, I have so much going on at the moment that I'm tempted not to do anything till someone else asks!

Jackie said...

Thank you, Maggie!

Celia said...

Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary. Glad you will be out celebrating.

It's so hard to give up pets even when it's in their best interest. I'm so grateful there are loving people to adopt them.

Rose said...

How wonderful to be celebrating your golden wedding anniversary! Congratulations, and I wish you both a happy celebration of this milestone.

I do understand your sadness about your rabbits; I would feel the same way. But it's so reassuring to know they have been adopted into a good home. I always wanted to reach out to the woman who gave up her nine-year-old dog to the local Humane Society when she moved. I wanted to let her know that her Roco lived out the rest of his days very happily in our home and brought us so much joy and laughter. Hopefully, you can think of your two in this way soon.

Poppy is a cutie--Jack Russells are active little dogs, though:) As for Christmas, I am not one of those who starts decorating early. At least these days I'm not still putting on the final touches on the tree on the 24th, as I once did years ago:)

Ayak said...

You did what you thought was best for the rabbits Maggie. You put their needs first and that was a very unselfish thing to do.

Nice to have a visit from this dear little dog to cheer you up. Poppy is a very special name for a dog....you and I know this. Lots of Love to you and Harry xxx

Secret Agent Woman said...

50 years is amazing. Congratulations!

My son and I bought our tree yesterday, but it won't get decorated until he's back with me next week.

Mimi said...

It must have been very hard to give up the rabbits; I know how much you loved them.
Wow! 50 years together, what a blessing that is! Do have a good celebration, it is worth pushing the boat out for that!
I haven't even begun taking the decorations out of the attic! Will be next week, probably the latter half. Being so involved in music now, with 2 different ensembles, means it's a busy time for me, but so lovely! When I was a girl, we sometimes only managed to get the tree up on Christmas Eve!!! cos my Dad was a busy, self-employed businessman! But we still enjoyed Christmas, so I don't worry if we're later than others, I enjoy their decorations until my own are up!!

Akelamalu said...

50 years married is a fantastic milestone - many congratulations to you both! We celebrate 39 years on Saturday and have already planned a big celebration for next year, fingers crossed we make it. I have everything ready for Christmas just have to put up the tree and decorations next week, though if it was left to MWM we wouldn't have a tree or decorations at all!

Suldog said...

I don't start trimming things until maybe the 10th or 12th; whatever weekend falls there.

Is there any possibility of visiting privileges to your bunnies? Or is that out of the question? In any case, you are a good and noble person, making the right sacrifice for the betterment of their well-being.

50 years? That's a magnificent achievement! You two should be proud!!!

Maria said...

Hi Maggie,

So sorry you had to give up your beloved pets, but I pray they'll be fine in their new home. And congrats on the upcoming anniversary.

Dimple said...

Hi Maggie,
Happy 50th! It is a long time, and a wonderful milestone to reach, especially today.

I hope you and Harry enjoy a blessed and peaceful Christmas.

Saz said...

i hope you have a wonderful meal...lovely to read you again, its been a while
saz x

Wendy said...

Congrats! What an honour to be celebrating your Golden Wedding Anniversary. I am so happy for you both.

As others have said - your bunnies are in good hands now and will be cared for with love. You did the right thing, although your heart is broken and understandably so.

I've just put some decorations up now. I buy poinsettias when I first see them in the stores so I get them fresh, but the rest is very minimal.