Sunday, 19 January 2014

A Spring In My Step

Photo Copyright: Maggie May

I think we've probably had rain practically every day since before Christmas and I'm sure that this winter will go down as one of the wettest ever. However, today was really sunny and I was able to go out in the garden and do some weeding and general tidying up. It was good to take stock of what is growing and what needs to be replaced.
There are still flowers that are blooming out of season, though not as healthily as the fuchsia  that I snapped last summer. The weather is still quite extraordinarily mild, though.

Last Saturday my odd job man put up a section of trellis between my neighbour's and my garden where I'd had my Eleagnus cut back and greatly reduced. The small section behind it now looks bare and I want to train a Clematis over the trellis if possible. 
After I'd done the gardening I decided to go out for a walk and get some exercise. It was really pleasant and I found myself on the High St where many of the shops were open even on Sunday. I browsed round the Charity Shops and found a double jigsaw that looked in very good condition so I snapped it up. Harry groaned when I came back with yet another one. I always recycle them back into a cancer charity when I've finished with them though.
What things can't you resist if you go round a Charity Shop?


Celia said...

Jigsaws are on the top of my list and older costume jewelry pins that I can wear on a coat or a jacket.

Irene said...

I can't handle the dust and mildew in charity shops and always get swollen hands and a very sore throat so I don't like to go to them. I used to like doing jigsaws, but now my cat likes to lie down on them. I hope you have fun making yours. xox

Dimple said...

I collect old glassware, and love to shop for it at charity shops (they are called "thrift stores" here). I especially enjoy finding glass which glows under a black light!

We have had a very dry winter so far, and much of the western part of the US is suffering from drought. We are hoping for rain & snow to reduce the danger of wildfires next summer.

I'm so glad you were able to get out!

Love to you and Harry,

Wisewebwoman said...

Jars, the older the better. Cast iron, ditto.

Handknits of any kind. Embroidered items.

Old frames.

I could go on, it's your blog :)


Mimi said...

Wow! you're picking up again, and that is so good to read!
Today was a beautiful day here too (we seem to have very similar weather, on a daily basis!), and there was no better way to enjoy it than a walk, which I did too!
I don't go much to charity shops, though my daughter loves them and comes home with fabulous fashion from them.
The only thing I can't resist in them is china!

Rose said...

How nice to be able to get out and work in the garden! Here it is turning bitterly cold again, and the ground is covered with snow. I will be lucky if I can do anything at all in the garden by late March.

Sounds like you had a very pleasant day!

Jackie said...

I'm so happy to read this post...
It makes my heart smile to see that you've been out and about...that you've had sunshine...and that things are going well for you and yours. I am so glad to know this, Maggie.
Love to you and Harry....

Ayak said...

I love charity shops which you don't find here but on my trips to the UK, they are usually my first port of call. I look for jeans. I don't like new jeans. I prefer them worn and have found some real bargains.

Akelamalu said...

I don't often go into charity shops but just recently I spotted a fabulous M&S faux sheepskin coat, exactly what I'd been looking for, in perfect condition for £25 so I snapped it up!

dianefaith said...

We had a sunny day here in the Southeastern U.S. today, too. There's a consignment furniture store a few miles from me that I like to visit. The owners have a good eye, so I get to walk in pretty rooms, different every time I go. I bought a chair today -- $124. A new one costs $600 and up, so I'm pleased with what I brought home.

Suburbia said...

It used to be children's clothes Maggie but I can't get away with that now they're older!

I must get out and tidy my garden, but it's so soggy underfoot.

S x

mrsnesbitt said...

Charity shops - love them!

Saz said...

i am just back from my regular troll round the charity shop up the road..i bought a toaster for a friend in need of one...looks new and better than my one...£3
two lamps and shades...£5
and some bric a brac for my shop...can turn a couple of quid profit..

great fun..

saz x

Hilary said...

Wow.. is it ever springlike there. I understand how all that rain had to be so dreary. I'm not too keen on the thigh-high snow we've had accumulating pretty much since late November. But probably better than rain.. at least around here. So nice to see come colour and delicate petals. And jigsaws are among my favourite things to do here and there through the winter. And yet, I've not done one this year. Enjoy the lovely weather.

MARY G said...

Linens ... can't reist. Tableclothes, napkins, etc.

A cheerful post that lifts my heart to kow you are doing well.

We are in the deep freeze here. It is -7 Farenheit. Too cold to be out for very long. But beautiful. The birds at the feeder are all fluffed into feather balls to keep warm.

Sally Wessely said...

This post made me really long for spring. I guess I should take up working jigsaw puzzles.

Gone Back South said...

Hello old friend! I don't think jigsaw addiction is too serious, so don't worry. I rather like poking about charity shops too. Once I found a pair of brand new little boys' football boots for 50p, but they were too small for my son so I put them on eBay and made a tenner!