Sunday 16 February 2014

Getting Out The Sun Glasses?

Photo Copyright: Maggie May

What a lot of things happen in a week.
Trees have come down all over the place.
Strange how a whole row of identical trees can be standing in what appears to be identical conditions, but one succumbs to the wind and falls.
The floods spread to the Thames Valley and now Parliament seems to be panicking and help is coming in faster than it did.
The Dutch have sent in massive pumps in order to help get rid of the water and there are now appeals for money to help The Somerset Level victims, in major supermarkets.

I've just come home after going out for a walk in glorious sunshine. I was over dressed and therefore too hot and I should have taken my sunglasses. It made a welcome change from the rain though.
Shouldn't we be taking Global Change more seriously with so many unusual weather patterns going on throughout the world? Is there anything really that we can do anyway?
A friend's nine year old boy said to her the other day, "Am I going to have to pay for the mistakes others have made in the past?" She answered that "Yes, it seems like his generation will have to." A bit of a sobering thought.

While the storms raged around us, I managed to finish this 1000 piece jigsaw that took a whole month to do and nearly drove me crazy! All those faces! I was seeing them everywhere!


Celia said...

The weather has been a terror this year. I saw on the BBC news that some of the flood waters may not truly drain for months. My prayers go out for all.

Wisewebwoman said...

Another serious concern is the bacteria left by these floods, will diseases sweep in on aftermath? :(

Also when Grandgirl brings up this global mess with me I tell her I do hope you'll have more success in bringing democracy to Canada. Corporatocracy is making all the important decisions all based on profit.

Sad about your tree :(


Brian Miller said...

wow...more power to you on the puzzle...we are struggling our way through one right now...

i was laughing the other day with someone..i hear weather terms i have never heard before...the unstable polar vortex...where did that come our world is not changing....sheesh

Eddie Bluelights said...

Cograts on completing the puzzle - a very sensible activity in these dreadful weather conditions, although today was not too bad.

Rather more difficult to fix is this global warming or climate change, caused by all the CO2 we are burning. It seems humanity is at a cross roads of not knowing how to get us safe inexpensive energy. Yet systems have been invented but governments just will not listen and Fukashima accidents happen.
Why doesn't the world make sense anymore?

mrsnesbitt said...

Poor 9 year old.

Sally Wessely said...

I am impressed by the completion of the puzzle!

The rains have just been devastating from what I have seen. I'm thankful there has been help coming for those hit so hard.

Jackie said...

I've been reading about and watching the news regarding all the rain that your area is getting.
I do hope that things settle very soon.
And....congratulations on that puzzle. It looks very complicated to me.
I don't think I could have tackled it!!
Love to you, my sweet friend.

Akelamalu said...

I feel so so sorry for the people who have been flooded out, it must be devastating. They say it's grim up north but we have got off quite lightly recently. x

Rose said...

I'm not surprised that the government has started acting, now that the storms are beginning to affect them; that's always the way. I hope the sun sticks around for you.

I'm impressed with the jigsaw puzzle; I would have seen these cat faces in my dreams after working on it so long! said...

That puzzle looks absolutely mind blowing Maggie, no wonder you needed a walk.

Suburbia said...

Seems our kids will pay Maggie.

Fantastic jigsaw!

S x

Suldog said...

The weather over here has been hideous. Snow, snow, ice, snow, then for a change of pace freezing rain. Ugh. I'm glad to hear you've had some nice days recently. I'm sure looking forward to Spring!

Secret Agent Woman said...

A warm sunny day is extra wonderful after snow or rain.

Hilary said...

There sure is a change in weather most everywhere.. it's worrisome and very disturbing for future generations.

That's a cool puzzle. At first, I thought it was all cats. Then I saw a dog face.. a few rabbits, an owl, a chicken and a mouse. Did I miss anything else?