Tuesday, 3 June 2014

It's All About the Little Things........

Photo copyright: Maggie May

Harry was discharged from hospital last Thursday, amidst absolute chaos at home because of the gas central heating conversion that affected nearly every room.
The good thing about allowing him home was that his pain was more or less completely under control. The bad thing was that the plumbers and gas fitters had taken up floor boards in most rooms and that Harry now needs a zimmer frame to get around and he caught a chill because the front and back doors were left open because of fumes in the house. This affected his waterworks ........ need I say more?
Anyway, it has taken me a long time to work out a good routine to care for him and my day starts at 6.15 am and I collapse into bed by 10.30, which I would have considered extremely early until a few weeks ago.
I am manning the ship single handed as many others do, so get very tired. However, since he came home, Harry seems appreciative of the things I do and I find I can leave him for quick local shopping or a bit of gardening and I manage to go out for walks to keep fit.
My Ceanothus is having a ball at present and gives off a heady perfume that seeps into the house especially in the evening.
I am finding that little things, like a bird coming to feed in my garden, sunshine, fragrant scents from flowers or the way the sun shines on the leaves of trees, give me a lot of pleasure.
It's all about the little things and a good routine.


Eddie Bluelights said...

At least Harry is out of pain which is a blessing!

I do hope and pray for strength for you to help you look after him. I know this is a difficult time Maggie. Love ~ Eddie x

Jackie said...

What a blessing you are, my dear friend. Your love for Harry and his love for you are priceless treasures.
As you continue to take care of Harry, know that prayers for strength and patience are being whispered for you each day.
I know that Harry is happy to be home. There is no place like home.
Sending hugs and much love to you both.
Love you, my friend....

Gosia said...

It's great news your husband is better. Greetings from Poland.

Mean Mom said...

So sorry to read about your current situation after my long absence. Wonderful that Harry is home, but being a full time carer is a commitment isn't it? My 89 year old father cares for my 87 year old mother and does an excellent job in spite of his own health problems. I so agree that the little things in life are important. I was stranded in the Midlands last year when both of my parents were admitted into different hospitals and found that appreciating the small things in life kept me going. You are a star, but I do hope that someone is watching out for you.

Mrs Mac said...

Popped by to say hello and to drop off a hug. I haven't been in blogland for a year.

I hope your husband continues to get well.

I have a tree like that in my garden. We can never remember the name of it, so we just call it 'the blue tree' :D

Wisewebwoman said...

It's the little things, you're absolutely right. We can be so overwhelmed if we bite off the big chunks of life.

Hang in there, Harry is a lucky man indeed to have you in his corner.


cheshire wife said...

Pleased to hear that Harry is home and more comfortable and it is good to know that you can still enjoy some of life's little pleasures. Take care of yourself.


MARY G said...

You have a hard, hard road. I'm glad that there are flowers along it.
I know a little bit about where you are, from caring for a husband with incapacitating back pain a while back. I wonder if the UK has provision for home care to give you a break? We do, here in Canada, and it about saved my sanity to get a few hours each week.
Sending hugs

Rosaria Williams said...

Glad Harry is without much pain. Yes, indeed, we must delight in the joyful things in front of us, looking for them at every corner. Only then, we can be strong enough to carry on; to be of help; to stay focused on the tasks at hand. Blessings and best wishes.

RNSANE said...

You are always the most positive person, Maggie. I am so glad you are able to find the blessing in the small things.

Happily, Harry is feeling better and I trust the household maintenance is soon finished and you can settle in a bit and enjoy your home and get a little rest while you relish the flowers and the sunshine and having Harry out of pain.

Suldog said...

It is ALWAYS about the little things, my friend. I'm saying a prayer for you and Harry. Chin up!

Rose said...

Maggie, I thought I had left a comment here the other day, so I'm glad I came back to check. I'm glad that Harry's pain is under control, and I'm sure he's happy to be home. There's a saying about finding joy in the little things that I can't remember right now. But I agree that it's important to notice all those little things that do bring us joy and to treasure every moment. Glad you are able to get out for walks and enjoy the blooms of spring.

Hilary said...

I think you have the gratitude thing down to a fine art. You're inspiring, Maggie.

You and Harry are in my best thoughts. I hope the pain management continues to work for him.

Hugs to you.

Jinksy said...

Your Ceanothus looks superb, and is one shrub I've never managed to let survive!
But Maggie, DO think seriously about contacting your local Social Services - they are there to help, and you shouldn't have to 'man the ship' alone. :-)

Akelamalu said...

Glad to hear that Harry is home and pain free. Hope all the work is finished soon which hopefully will make things easier for you both. xx

Leilani Schuck Weatherington said...

Chiming in here with "Jinsky". If there is no joy with "Social Services," then perhaps a good friend (or a series of friends) who could stay with him for a bit and give you a break.