Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Pride Comes Before A Fall

Since I last posted and told everyone what wonderful weather we were having for the time of year, it has done nothing but rain. That is so typical, isn't it!

I had a sudden fit of Christmas inspiration the other day when Millie my youngest grandchild, came for tea. Between us we managed to decorate my little silver tree and the next day I put up some tinsel and other decorations. However, within the space of yet another day, I felt the whole thing was a load of old tat and felt like taking it all down.
This is how I am lately. One minute looking forward to things, the next not.

I have always gone out and about in the city by myself quite confidently. However, yesterday my good foot must have caught on a raised paving slab and I went flying down and I knew when it all seemed to be happening in slow motion, that I was going to fall down on concrete.
Fortunately, nothing was broken but my pride. I felt a fool and was very grateful for the concern of  some Bristol students who stopped to help me back on my feet. I had felt like a stranded whale while down on the pavement.
It was a relief that I was surrounded by kind people and that I wasn't mugged while in a vulnerable position.
It has knocked my confidence a bit and the worst part was coming home and not having anyone to tell or share with.
Never mind, today is another day. A fresh start with better things......


Marie Smith said...

I feel for you over that fall. I have issues with my legs and have taken a few spills lately. Kindness of people shows through during such times usually. It keeps me going.

dianefaith said...

I'm glad you weren't hurt. I fell a couple of months ago, and my confidence faltered, too. I ended up blaming the fall on my shoes. Getting new ones gave me my confidence back. The shoes may not actually have been to blame, but I'm sticking to my story.

Shammickite said...

OH how awful to fall in the street. I did that once, tripped over absolutely nothing and fell at the feet of a policeman! I'm glad you weren't hurt, and that students were there to help you up. But I find it very worrying that you mentioned the possibility of being mugged while you were down..... I would never have thought that. I suppose that might happen here in my small town, but can't imagine it.

ADDY said...

I know what you mean about coming home and not being able to tell anyone about it.It is normal to have good days and bad days. Do hope you are feeling better soon. ((hugs))

Gosia said...

Merry Christmas from Poland

Expat mum said...

Glad to hear you weren't hurt. Apart from the pride. xx

Rosaria Williams said...

I've had my shares of tumbles. Hate when that happens. It has taught me to always wear comfortable shoes, though, whether they look good or not.
Happy Holidays, Maggie.

Rose said...

I had a similar experience on a trip this summer. My daughter and I had stopped for lunch, and I was heading for the ladies' room, but was looking all around for a restroom sign and didn't notice two stairs, even though there was a railing. I fell flat on my face, and two kind gentleman helped me up immediately. The manager even came over and was so concerned that I was okay, but I suspect he was worried I might sue them:) Of course, the restaurant was full of people who saw me--I was fine, only my pride was hurt, but I was so embarrassed I couldn't get out of there fast enough! At least my daughter was with me, so we laughed about it all the way to our next stop. There are just some days when you want to go back to bed and start over:)

Sally Wessely said...

Oh Maggie, I understand those feelings about falls. One's pride is so wounded by such events. I'm grateful you weren't hurt. Now, as for the waxing and waning about Christmas and its demands, I understand that too. Holidays are so hard after a loss like you have had. I can only imagine how sad and lonely it must feel to come home to an empty house. I hope your days become brighter as each day moves on. Hugs to you, and happy holidays.

Wisewebwoman said...

I wonder at times what the effects are on us who live alone.

I do hope you are not too bruised and battered and get your confidence back.

It must be such an enormous adjustment for you.

I love having tea with my granddaughter too :)


Wendy said...

Yes, that's the worst. Coming home and having no one to share the little things with. It hurts. Time does have a way of softening the journey and lessen the sting.

Oh, I felt foolish the other day when I fell over the vacuum cleaner hose! Nobody about and I hurt my ankle, but wish I could tell people I've hurt myself dancing, or running a marathon - not tripping over the vacuum!

Glad there were kind people to help you up. I'm sure you'll be back to your old confident self in no time!

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