Friday, 15 January 2016


After weeks and weeks of rain, it's now turning very cold even though the sun shines quite often. 
Although I'm hoping it won't snow and get icy, purely because of the practical problems of getting around without falling, I always think that once we get towards the end of January, it's not going to be long till the Spring, my favourite season. Already we have bulbs peeping through the soil..... tulips and daffodils.... months early. I think Nature is quite confused.
I try to keep the bird feeders topped up as occasionally I get flocks of sparrows visiting and then nothing happens for some time and I wonder where they've gone.
It's good that the days are slowly getting longer and the evenings are noticeably lighter.

I've soon got back into my routine of being back on my own after all the company I had over Christmas. It's surprising how soon that happens even though I felt quite weepy when I first arrived home after my holiday with my daughter and then she went home.

Winter seems to be a time of waiting. Waiting for warmer weather and I'm waiting for the results of a CT scan, waiting for the chance to visit the sea again, waiting for ideas about which way my life should go now. It's a time of expectancy with hints of hope and promise.


Marie Smith said...

Wishing you peace of mind and all good thoughts as you wait!

ADDY said...

A new year always seems to bring a clean slate to write experiences on. Do hope the warmer weather comes soon and you have lots to look forward to.

mrsnesbitt said...

We've escaped the trecherous snowy conditions - literally our village is the only one not affected yet. Trouble is ALL roads leading here are trecherous - so we are in for the night, gates locked and Rayburn raging away. Keep warm xxx

Gosia said...

Yes you are right the winter is time of waiting for better sunny days. Love from Poland Gosia Take care healthy

Sally Wessely said...

I like the hope and promise part. This season of waiting, and winter, is a good time to rest. I am sending you wishes for healing and days filled with great joy and happiness and you move on with your life.

Leilani Schuck Weatherington said...

You certainly are right that nature is confused. It as 50 degrees here yesterday and the daffodils think it is spring and "they" are talking single digits by Monday. Like you, I'm OK as long as it isn't icy. Fear of falling is very real and with fragile one a shudder to think about. Leaning into the moment is a good thing. Taking time to cry and grieve at the moment you are in. It is positive to be "not ok" at times. I'd give you a hug if I could.

Wisewebwoman said...

"Hope and promise" I like that. Looking ahead. I write from a forecast of 24cm of snow which is tumbling to earth in great feathery blobs at the moment.

So very beautiful.


cheshire wife said...

I like your optimisim. Hopefully everything will turn out well.


Wendy said...

Spring is my favourite season too. I love it when bulbs poke up from the cold earth and the days become warmer and longer.
Winter does seem to be a time of waiting. I have trouble breathing in the cold air, so I'm waiting until it warms up a little so I can take long walks again.

The earth rests in winter, but I find I get impatient! Ah well.
Hope and promise - I like that too.

Suburbia said...

The hopes and promise are the best bits - you're a wonderful person Maggie, I'm in awe x

VioletSky said...

Maggie, it has been such a long time since I've visited you. I have missed you and I thank you for your comment to remind me.
I hope that this year brings you peace, and joy in the little things around you.

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