Monday 26 September 2016

Good Things Happen

Photo Copyright: Maggie May

We're now definitely experiencing the beginning of the Autumn/Fall. 
There is that cold nip in the air early morning and early evening and the nights drawing in. The sky looks very grey. I'm staving off putting the heating on, though, as it isn't October yet. It seems more acceptable to turn it on in October unless there's a late heatwave.

I'm quite pleased that I've got through my first year of bereavement unscathed. I've done quite a few things that I set out to do in the house..... had the outside painted, the kitchen damp problem hopefully righted, faulty window hinges replaced, changed phones..... all things that people do everyday without thinking, but a bit daunting when having to arrange it all by myself when not used to it. I've kept the garden up together put different curtains and fittings up that didn't require me to drill in to anything. I'm really pleased about that.
It's good to know I can manage.
I've also rejoined the community choir I used to belong to before having to resign so that I could look after Harry. Rejoining involves giving up a bit of time for practice and performances that they do. However it's all optional and I can do as much or as little as I need to do.
I've been on several holidays and made a couple of new friends here at home.
My youngest grandson has just gone off to university which has made the family very proud of him. My daughter, older grandson and I went with him this last weekend to settle him into his new lodgings which seem very suitable and the other students and their parents were very nice people.
So things seem to be working out, thankfully.


dianefaith said...

There's something about your posts that makes the rest of us feel better. I'm glad to know that you're doing well. We're feeling the change to Fall here in Georgia, but not so much as you. Our day temperatures have remained in the 90's, but the nights are cooler. I think we've been over 90F for more than 100 days, and I am certainly ready for cooler weather.

Expat mum said...

That's great to hear Maggie. x

Rose said...

I'm so happy to hear how well you are doing, Maggie. Getting involved and staying active, I believe is the key to moving through the grief process. My father is still trying to cope with the loss of my mother (it's been over 8 months now), and he has some bad days. But he has learned to fend for himself, for the most part, learning to do laundry and to cook--things he never had to do before!

Wisewebwoman said...

what good news Maggie, so glad you have refound yourself and made new friends and rejoined the choir. Good for you!


Christine said...

We feel the same about holding off with the heating - a heat wave this late in September is a boon!
Glad things are going well! Enjoy your week!

Marie Smith said...

I am happy for you, Maggie! Well done! Enjoy the autumn!

ADDY said...

So glad you have coped well this last year. It's amazing how we do find the strength to do that. Like you, I have made major decisions over the last 6 years that I wouldn't have thought possible before bereavement. It's a case of having no choice but to do things, but even so there is an immense reward in knowing you can do it.

MARY G said...

YOu are a brave and accomplished woman and I am not surprised you are managing well. But I am so happy that you have your choir back and have had some holidays.
Good for you! And may you continue to hold course. Good for grandson. My mother used to send my kids baking to their dormitories and it always arrived squashed but they remember the crumbs with pleasure.

Sally Wessely said...

You have done so much during this year. I applaud your accomplishments and the way you have gotten on with life. We only have today, so it makes me happy to know you are living it. Blessings.

Shammickite said...

Amazing! You are managing so well. And joining the choir is a very sensible thing to do. Wonderful to be doing something constructive in a group of like minded people. Once we have accepted the bereavement and pulled ourselves together, we just have to get on with doing things ourselves, and sometimes we can surprise ourselves with just how efficient and confident we can be! Well done!

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