Monday, 7 April 2008

MAYpole NUTters? NO! Morris Dancers!

I have been crawling about the front room on all fours for much of the day. No, I have not hurt my back and no, I have not been playing with the grandchildren. I am attempting to cut out and sew a pair of Morris Dancing trousers!
Not for me!

Sam has recently taken up Morris Dancing and must be catching up with the rest of the group quickly as he has been asked to dance in a festival on May Day. Isn't it good that the May family have a holiday all of our own and a day named after us? Of course there is a down side, too, as it is also a call for help! Mayday, Mayday!
We have the whole of April to finish the trousers. The colours are absolutely glaring and bright, enough to bring on a migraine. Each leg is a different colour, so we have to have our wits about us so as not to make a mess of it. No good if it didn't fit in with the rest of the troupe. Is that what you call a collection of Morris Dancers, a troupe? Imagine having one leg differently coloured from all the rest, you'd stand out a bit!

Any way, Sam and his friend Jim, have been going to Morris Dancing Classes for a few weeks now and go down to the pub afterwards to "slake the thirst" that they have worked up whilst dancing. The organizer provided the material but had no pattern. Sam wanted to sew a pair of tailored, smart pants, but friend Jim says he can't be bothered with that and informed us he will lie on a table and get a friend to cut round him, do a quick sewing job and put elastic through the waist. Now why couldn't Sam do that? Why is he the one to have to do it the hard way? Has anyone tried to get a pattern for men's trousers lately? Well it isn't easy to find one, I can tell you.
At one time there were at least three good rag and habberdashery shops within easy walking distance to where I live. Not many people do sewing now, so all these shops have been forced to close down. I used to regularly make dresses for my daughter, Debbie when she was young in the seventies and also for myself.

Well Sam wanted to make the trousers himself, but the pattern is a bit fiddly, so we are sort of doing it together. Not sure who will actually use the sewing machine. I have suddenly realized how bad my eyes are now for needle threading, so maybe he will be useful for doing that.

As I have to keep moving about because of my back problem, I crawl about with patterns for a while, then run to do a bit of blogging, then back to the sewing. Why is it that housework doesn't have the same appeal as writing a blog or doing some creative sewing? I'd like to know how to make housework more creative. Maybe there is someone out there who has the answer?

What can I hear? There is the sound of bells coming from the front room? Too early for Christmas reindeer, or too late depending on how you look at it! I go to investigate and find Millie & Amber have found the Morris Dancers' bells that Sam had hidden in a bag of sewing things and yards of material every where as they wanted "to help." Just as well they didn't get to the cutting out scissors!

Anyway, if you see a Morris Dancing troupe near you, with glaring coloured pants and one of them wearing perfectly tailored ones and another pair that looks as if it has been thrown together, just shout out, "Hi Sam & Jim." They really won't mind!


Robin said...

I had to google Morris Dancing. I want some pictures.

OvaGirl said...

That's hilarious Mm, love the image of you crawling about with the pattern over brightly coloured material with ominously jingling bells in the distance!

Sam said...

Well so much for my secret hobby! Thanks mum ;-)

Maggie May said...

robin ......... never thought that people might not know that MORRIS DANCING is a TRADITIONAL dance done around May Day, with sticks & bells & plenty of beer! Goes back to pagan times!
There will be no photos!

Maggie May said...

Ovagirl............yes, the mind boggles. It is fun!

Sam ....... Was it a secret...... blimey, I'm sorry!!!!!

Cath said...

I still ask my mum to sew things! I hate sewing. I have tried. Honestly, I have. But to no avail.

I MIGHT manage a button. But that's it. I started making seat covers for my hubby's van - one got done, but the other seats await. I am too much of a perfectionist and find it stresses me out.

Give me blogging anyday...

Omykiss said...

There's something about the bells and ribbons on grown men that makes Morris Dancing a tad eccentric, don't you think?

Maureen said...

Okay, now you've got me curious.... I'm going to have to look up what the heck "Morris Dancers" are.... although the mental image of those trousers is quite perplexing.

Irene said...

I feel for you , kid. A long time I crawled around on the floor making Indian carnival costumes for by sister and her husband. I was bound and determined to get them right! I got rug burn on my knees. Good luck with this job, I know you will succeed.

Maggie May said...

Crazy Cath ....... Not able to sew! Hate sewing... shame on you!
Only kidding! When we were kids, girls had to learn to sew & cook & boys did the woodwork & metalwork etc.
That was fine, as I was a girlie kind of girl, but any one who wasn't must have been very frustrated!
Glad that I did learn to sew now........ My Mum taught me a lot, bless her!

Omykiss .... Well aren't we Brits eccentric?!!!!!!

Maureen....... after reading your comment about not knowing what Morris Dancers are...... Sam has done a link! Forgot it is a British thing! We are all crazy! The whole lot of us!

Sweet Irene ...... good to have another needlewoman in my presence! I will make the wretched things even though it kills me & it probably will as Sam likes to think he is a size smaller than he actually is & that means I somehow or other have to let it out a bit in certain places! GRRRRRR!

RiverPoet said...

I haven't the foggiest idea what Morris Dancing is, but I'll look it up (like Robin).

I do miss the lost art of sewing. You're right, there used to be seamstresses everywhere. Why is it that we think only factories make clothing now?

And as for housework, if you find the secret to making it fun, please clue me in. I hate it!

Peace - D

Maggie May said...

For all the people still confused about Morris Dancing click here

Unknown said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by.

I've never heard of this dancing so I looked it up. It sounds like SO much fun! And why is it, that sewing makes our backs hurt? Most of the time I have to stand up at the table to cut patterns because it just KILLS my back. But, even scrap booking hurts my lower back.

I hope you post pictures when you are done with the trousers!

aims said...

I have heard about Morris Dancing but only as a joke on Red Dwarf! Is that why Sam took it up?!

Good luck MM! I think you are both going to need it! :0)

Mean Mom said...

Morris Dancing is great. Love to watch it. How much time is spent Morris Dancing and how much time is spent in the pub?

I have 2 nightdresses cut out and waiting to be sewn together. I haven't made anything for years, but couldn't find a nightdress with long sleeves. I had to send for the pattern and fabric from websites. It's not the same.

I have yet another award waiting for you, if you can find room for it!

San said...

Morris dancing--it sounds so cool, as do the costumes. That Sam, he's got the moves.

Grit said...

i love to see morris dancing! thank you for supporting this much maligned aspect of english folk culture.

grit and the gritlets will also be at a may day event, if i remember to book the tickets. is may 1st the pagan festival where we try not to set the cows on fire? or do we get out the antlers? i am always getting them mixed up.

Cath said...

Maggie - I was great at woodwork and metal work though.... :0)

Irene said...

Maggie May, please come and pick up the Blog of Distinction Award over at my place.

Maggie May said...

Bina....... backs are very delicate & get upset at the slightest thing.
The pants are not finished yet. had to find ways of letting them out!

Aims ...... not sure about "The Red Dwarf" thing but no, that's not why Sam took it up!

Mean Mom .....I think it must be about half & half...... dancing & drinking or would that be drinking & dancing!
The nighties will be unique. Are they finished?

San ........ yes, he is a good mover when he gets off his bottom!

grit ........ make sure you don't set the cows on fire! Morris dancing can be quite aggressive when the sticks are clashing about. watch out!

Crazy cath ......... I think you are good at many things Cath,no need to worry about the needlework!

Suburbia said...

How to make housework more creative?!!! If you find the answer let me know! I am still surounded by holiday unpacking and The children need entertaining but I'm 'glued' again. It's worrying isn't it?!

the mother of this lot said...

Sam has told me Harry is a 'grumpy git'. I am most disappointed. Please tell me it isn't true.

If it makes you feel better, he said he was a nice grumpy git.

Preity Angel... said...

I just watch first time Morris dancing its amazing I like it.

Maggie May said...

Surburbia ....... I have been out all day & have just come back & first thing I go to? You guessed it, my blog!
I see you are doing likewise. Is it that we are pathetic, or what?

Jackie ..... They don't see eye to eye, but I'm afraid he's verging on the truth! H likes peace & quiet & the tele!

Angel ....... Glad you liked the morris Dancing! We are a peculiar lot, we British, but we do have some quaint traditions!

Dusty Spider said...

Lovely post. Many thanks. Flick xx

Anonymous said...

Jim may find he is unable to fit into his pattern unless who ever traces him adds the necessary inches to cover his parts that don't spread out in the floor ....

Jules said...

This is very weird. This is my second attempt to give you a comment here - I guess the first didn't get through.
I love watching Morris dancers. They always look like they are having such fun.
When I was in Britain years ago, I was drooling over a bunch of them...... and they actually let me dance a bit with them. Not the standard thing I know, but these guys were very special.

Maggie May said...

Flick ...... thanks for the kind comment!

Quilly ....... yes, Jim will be in for a shock when he realizes his under carriage won't fit in!

Jules ....... Morris dancers can look ridiculous or attractive depending on how you feel for them! Thanks for your kind remarks! I sometimes find a comment disappears from a blog. Maybe it never gets there in the first place!

Robin said...

Please, please, PLEASE take pictures (whine). If you show me Morris dancing, I show the picture of my men in Kilts.

Maggie May said...

Robin ...... they're not even finished yet!