Monday 19 May 2008

My Dream...........

This week in Weekend Wandering, David has invited us to write "What Is Your Dream?"
So I will endeavour to write what I dream about.

I dream that the World might be filled with peace.
That wars will be no more.
That people will stop fighting each other.
That hard eyes of sadistic cruelty....... will melt into kindness & love.
That children will be forever protected by adults and never be exploited or criticized to the point where they have no feelings of self worth.
That people will live in harmony and love, no matter what faith or race they might come from.
That animals will not have to suffer at the hands of mankind, just because they are animals

I dream that everyone will have enough to eat and that the richer countries will give a slice of their cake to people who have never tasted cake.
That everyone will have clean drinking water and a roof over their head, that is sturdy enough to withstand the strongest storm.
That everyone will be equal and that there will no more oppression and slavery.

I dream that we will conquer the bad illnesses of the world and that every one will live to reach their full potential and not be stricken with killer cancers and diseases that prevent them from living normally.
I dream that people will respect others and and also their environment. That they will think before they start to chop down rain forests for profit and other such destroying projects.

From a Christian point of view, I believe all these  bad things will pass away and every thing will be made new........... after Jesus comes again to sort out the sad world that we some times find our selves to be in.
In the meantime........ we must work together to fight for some of the things we can change. To help others and try and make a difference in their lives.
You may well ask what can be done with such a mammoth amount of problems?
Well, even lots of little things can help to make a big thing.
We all know about the environment and I'm sure we all do our bit to help with this.
We can also help the people who are struggling in the world to survive through lack of food and clean water, who are also suffering from disease because of lack of money for basic drugs.
We can help with sponsoring a child or even knitting a few squares towards a blanket for overseas distribution. 
We can run the Race For Life or support some one else who is running, so that we might try and find a cure for cancer.
We can help our  elderly neighbours  with little jobs that they might feel they cannot do any more. Just a simple thing like changing a light bulb might be difficult for them. Or we can be there to listen, when a lonely person needs to talk.   
It is futile to waste our time quarrelling as we never know how long we are on this earth for. It is such a waste of time.
I dream that maybe after I have left this place that we call Earth and moved to the next world, that I might have made a difference to someone else's life! Just for one such person, it would have all been worth it.

Today is my Birthday, so I'd like everyone to have a slice of my virtual cake or a piece of my dream! Too bad its a Monday and I have to work till 8.30 pm because of a wretched meeting/training!


Sam said...

Happy Birthday Maggie!

Nora said...

Happy Birthday, Maggie.

It would be possible to make your wishes come true if all people behaved like you did. That's all it would take, for people to behave like you.

Sad that they don't, isn't it? Somewhere there are a lot of people who have a lot to answer for.

SandyCarlson said...

Happy birthday. I hope we all get your wish!
Writing in Faith: Thoughts

RiverPoet said...

Maggie - It's my birthday, too!!!! Go figure! Have a wonderful day, my dear, and I hope that all your dreams come true...

Peace - D said...

Happy birthday from me and OG too Maggie, as I have said before you are one of life's saints.

PS I had an adult baptism and have the same beliefs and values as you.

Laura Jane Williams said...

Happy birthday Maggie May! It would seem that we have a lot of the same dreams. We live so fast-paced, I think we forget to slow down and do right by each other, and our world. I think this whole 'credit crunch' time of late will force us to reconsider our values in good time. I hope we can save ourselves!

Maggie May said...

Thanks Sam! I think your new post is lovely!

Noortje ...... that's SO kind of you to say that!

Sandy....... Many thanks... I will go to see yours soon!

Momma ..... Lovely that we share the same Birthday!

Retired & Crazy ....... Thanks for saying that & I'm glad we have the same beliefs.

Girl with the mask ...... glad we share many things in my dream!

Expat mum said...

Happy, happy birthday. Shame about having to work but there you go. You should probably copyright those words before someone steals them and uses them as lyrics for a smash hit song. What a wordsmith you are.

Mean Mom said...

Change 'said' to 'sings'!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Maggie!
Happy birthday to you!

Thanks for the virtual cake. If husband comes home with a bottle of wine, I'll raise a glass to you!

A lovely post, but sad, of course. It is difficult to believe that we all live on the same planet, isn't it? If we live more than one life, who knows what our fate may be, next time around?

Anonymous said...

A very Happy Birthday to you Maggie May! Your dream sounds like perfection to me. If only it were to come true.

Crystal xx

Mrs. Fox said...

Happy Birthday, Maggie!

I like your dream and I share it. Like you I believe that is where the world and all in it are heading and that Faith will be our guide.

May all the happiness you bring to others return to you thrice over.

the mother of this lot said...

Happy Birthday Maggie! You're still at work as I'm writing this, so hope you have a lovely evening, and that your dream comes true!

Working Mum said...

Amen to your dream Maggie.

My mum started a rule in our house that if your birthday was on a Monday you could move it. She thought birthdays on Mondays were the pits!

So move it to Friday and have another!

Maggie May said...

Expatmum ....... ahh. thanks for the compliment!

Mean mom ..... You've got a lovely singing voice!

Crystal ... perfection it is!

Mrs Fox ..... thank you for your lovely comment.

Jackie ....... gosh where have you been? Nice to see you again & thanks for the Birthday wishes.

working mum ...... that would be a good idea to have another Birthday next weekend!

david mcmahon said...

Beautifully put. A little birdie (ok, so it was Sam) said it was your birthday.

Have a wonderful day and a wonderful year.

Mignon said...

Maggie, I want to live in your world. Have a Great Birthday !!!

Beryl Ament said...

Happy Birthday!

It's already the day after in England and you will be tucked up in bed, hopefully dreaming about a lovely day.

® ♫ The Brit ♪ ® said...

I hope you had a wonderful Birthday Maggie!
and I see that you are also a Mike Leigh fan! have a look in my Blog, one of my earliest posts was about my favourite Director Mike Leigh!
Have a great week!

Maggie May said...

David...... many thanks!

Mignon ..... thanks! I wouldn't mind either!

Beryl A ..... Thanks for B/day wishes. Nice to see you.

Hi Britt! Welcome to my blog. I will be over!

Grit said...

belated happy birthday wishes! if your birthday is anything like round here, you could have several days of celebration, ongoing through the year if you like. but always with cake, lots of cake!

Flowerpot said...

rather belated birthday Maggie - hope you had a great day!

meggie said...

Thankyou for visiting my blog, & leaving me a nice comment! Happy Birthday.
Your wishes for the world echo mine.

OvaGirl said...

Happy Birthday Maggie. And I hope your big and beautiful dream comes true.

Maggie May said...

Grit ...yes .. cake eating will last a while, I think!

flower pot........ as good as you can have on a Monday, thanks!

Meggie ....... nice of you to pop over to my blog! Glad we share some things.

Ovagirl ........ thanks... I hope so too!

Jules said...

*H*A*P*P*Y* *BI*R*T*H*D*A*Y*

And 5,000 more! Hope you get all you want and that much more!

Jules said...

Ooops. I forgot.

Sending you virtual flowers, cake, chokkies and a big fat "Mystery" box to unwrap. I haven't decided what to put in the box yet, but it's always fun to unwrap a big box...... so there it is.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!

And I love your post. It's all the things I wish for and all the things I want. This made me cry, and I don't cry easily.

Stinking Billy said...

Many Happy Returns, sweety pie, that David fella's got it made, hasnt he? His Harem must put mine in the shade, and all he seems to do is give you all a simple question to answer. You do all the work and he reaps in the kudos. Sounds a bit mafia-like to me. ;-)

Maggie May said...

jules ......... wow I shall have fun opening the box! But I don't think i'll make another 5000 yrs! But you never know..... lets keep dreaming!

Bina ...... sorry I made you cry ...... but I will take that as the greatest compliment! Thank you.

Billy .......... ohhhhhh! what a thing to say!

Alison said...

Beautiful dream.
Happy Birthday!

Gone Back South said...

Sorry I'm a little late to the party but HB from me too. Those dreams are really said from the heart aren't they.

Omykiss said...

Happy B'day maggie ... I agree .... my number one wish would be for peace .. everything else could be fixed after that.

Maggie May said...

Alipal........ lovely to have you visit my humble place!

Goneback South ...... yes.....I suppose they are!

Omykiss ...... yes, if Peace prevailed, everything else would fit in. Hadn't realized that & I could have saved my self time & paper! LOL!

Bruno LoGreco said...

Happy Birthday - Great post!

merry weather said...

Hi Maggie and A Belated Happy Birthday To You!

Hope you had a lovely day in spite of work. That was a lovely post - I share all of those sentiments... It's people, lives that matter.

Like you say, just listening to someone who's lonely, encouraging them to open up can be so rewarding for both. (As a listener, you forget your own troubles.) It isn't difficult to give a little of your time and make someone feel accepted.

Maggie, you've got soul :)

San said...

Beautiful dreams, Maggie. Let's light the candles on this beautiful cake and make a wish that your dreams come true--for the world!

Maggie May said...

Bruno L. Many thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments.

Merry ......... many thanks for you lovely comments that I really appreciated.

San....... that's kind of you. Many thanks!

Suburbia said...

Happy belated birthday! Sad to have to work so late on your birthday.
I love all your dreams. If only everyone could dream them too.

Merisi said...

Happy Birthday,
and may all your dreams come true! :-)

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.

® ♫ The Brit ♪ ® said...

I agree with all your dreams Maggie!
and I too believe that people that forever argue and find confusion with each other are wasting their time here on earth, it's a shame that the world just cannot forgive and love and be in peace together... now that would be a utopia!
All the best!

Granny Smith said...

These are dreams I share. They won't all come true in my lifetime (I'm 87) but I'm working on them!


Robin said...

Happy happy birthday Maggie!

Sorry I was late.

Cath said...

I read this dream of yours a few days back and must have forgotten to comment! I hope you had a great day.

Normally I do W W but you know what? After reading this I could not find a better dream. Your dream is also my dream, only you write it so much better. Thanks for sharing it.

Maggie May said...

Thanks for all the comments that I never answered & have just found!
Suburbia, Merisi, The brit, Granny Smith, Robin & Crazy Cath......... I do appreciate all you've said!

indicaspecies said...

This is a wonderful post Maggie and I don't know how I missed it from Authorblog. Anyway, better late than never, I wish you belated greetings.

May all your beautiful dreams come true for the sake of the world.:)